Sunday, March 30, 2014

Confessions of an Intern...

Intern Kelley! Enjoy her debut blog!!!

Hands down…it is much easier to design a gown when the mannequin is a sketch of you.  From day one interning at Lu Raquels’s, I observed that the design team each has their own unique and conceptual fashionista character wearing every gown they designed.  I am convinced Sarah’s “croqui*” character is a depiction of her alter ego or some fabulous heiress bride that used to be a client of hers.  I also took it in my liberty to call the assistant designer’s character Lola.  And my fellow intern, Jessica, has a beauty with a long flow of mermaid hair.  But I found when I was put to the test in designing my own gowns as a beginner, I felt designing in fashion came from how I would look in a gown.  My own unique character was a highly exaggerated illustration of myself, with my most distinctive characteristics: straight blonde hair, dark almond eyes, and glam makeup.  After I developed my unique “croqui”, I was in business.
I was placed in Sarah’s empty office alone and asked to come up with new designs today.  Staring at a blank wall, it was difficult to get started.  Like any young woman, I took a gander at my fantasy wedding on Pinterest.  I also snooped around in Sarah’s very own collection of fabric “swatches**.”  Eventually, it resulted in messing up Sarah’s highly organized office into a chaotic mass of tinsel, lace, and art supplies.  As an aspiring designer, I must say I felt like a true artist.  Surrounded in this creative clutter, I then designed a few of my own bridal gowns.

If I submitted my work to the design manufacturer, I am sure they will mistake my gown as made out of fishing wire, paste, and glitter.  Yet, I am glad Sarah asked me, a marketing and business major, to experience the process in designing to better understand the industry.  I have found a new appreciation for bridal gowns and what it takes to generate an idea from the designer to the bride walking down the aisle.  The design team here at Lu Raquel’s has many exciting new never before seen bridal gowns.  I have seen some of the sketches, which in themselves is a piece of art.  I can only imagine what the actual dress would look like.

Design vocabulary/lingo:
*Croqui [kro-ke/] from croquier to sketch, rough out, literally, to crunch. Noun.
Origin: 1805; French
Source: Merriam-Webster
**Swatches [swotch] a sample of cloth or other material.  Noun.
Origin: 1505; Scottish and northern English, or uncertain origin.
Source: American Psychological Association

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