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Top 10 Best Bridal Shop Names in The UK

Choosing an appropriate name for a bridal shop has its challenges. The name should reflect your image and brand. Brides will either choose to come to your shop because they love your name, or possibly not schedule an appointment if they feel your shop is not the place where they will find their dream gown. While researching bridal shops in the United Kingdom, I found overall their bridal boutique's names were incredibly creative. Names such as Hoops-A-Daisy and Tantrums and Tiaras really stood out. Overall, shop owners did not stick to the classics and they were willing to take risks with unconventional names; and for that I applaud them.

During my research, I emailed each shop for comment. Keep in mind we are only rating these shops by our favorite names and they are not in any particular order.

Tantrums and Tiaras
1. Tantrums and Tiaras- What I found most interesting about this shop is no where on their website did it speak of their unique name. Was the word 'tantrum' used in the sense of being really excited or in a 'throwing a tantrum' sense? Since they didn't explain this on their site, I was all the more intrigued as it was left to my imagination. The owners were incredibly creative with this name and it certainly stands out in a list!

2. Hoops-A Daisy- Where did this name come from? What do hoops and daisy's necessarily have to do with a bridal boutique? These questions jumped to mind when I came across this shop. Beautifully staged, a UK bride is sure to find a pleasant environment here. Owner Val Foster began making and renting out hooped petticoats in 1987 from her home. This is where the name came from! By 1989, she was so busy she had to move to a commercial premise where she added bridal gowns and accessories to her inventory.

"The House that Moved"
3. Pirouette 'The Collection'- Located at 'The House that Moved'. The address is what really caught my attention here. Linda Duriez, owner of Pirouette, informed me the shop is located in an original Tudor Timber house built in 1836. It literally 'moved' as it was transported by runners up the hill in the 1960's to avoid demolition. She also said they pride themselves in customer service and she was lovely to speak with.  

4. Sugared Almonds Bridal Couture- Again, this name just took me by surprise! I adore almonds and what girl doesn't have an obsession for sugar...I had to learn more. Although I did not learn the origins of their unique name, I did learn they are a family run business and therefore always provide excellent service and honest advice.

5. Vanilla Beaus Bridal Boutique- I love this name! Luxury bespeaks it and after reading through their website I find it correctly matches their brand. Vanilla is rich and fragrant and beaus reminds one of beauty. Carrying higher end lines, owners Natalie Garrard and Jodie Willaims saw a need for a shop of this nature and opened shop quite recently in 2012. What also makes them unique, other than their name, is they sell engagement rings as well.

Just a Day
6. Just a Day- Keeping their site very visual, I found it difficult to find any information about the shop or the name. However, the name 'Just A Day' stood out as it clearly states what the entire bridal industry is all about- capturing the moment of a beautiful marriage union in 'Just a Day.'

7. Frilly Frocks- I quickly realized frocks must have a different connotation in the UK from the US when researching shops in England. Frocks on Frilly Frock's website is directly speaking about wedding gowns when they say 'This year we are thrilled to introduce some new and exclusive Designers to our ever growing eclectic collection of frocks.' I have a whole new take on the word frock and look forward to using it more and more :)

Tantrums and Tiaras
8. Petticoat Lane Bridal- Petticoat Lane truly reminds me of an England bridal shop name. I can even hear it with the beautiful British accent. This shop was opened by mother and daughter team, Denise Patterson and Katie Larmour, who have a love for all things bridal. Their site features some gorgeous pictures of the interior of the shop. When brides enter they are taken to a "Porcelan Suite" in which they will privately be able to find their dream gown. Not only is their name and site gorgeous, but how lovely to have your own suite to shop.

9. The Tailors Cat- Do not let this name fool you. When I came across this name I think I read it more like this: 'The Tailor's Cat...?' Wondering where this name came from, I went to their website and learned they have a beautiful shop with high end designers and a team willing to make your experience the best. Boasting over 100 gowns they reach across all lines and offer vintage, traditional, contemporary and destination style gowns.

10. Ebenezer's Bridal- Instantly upon reading this shop name I imagined the Ebenezer's Scrooge character from Charles Dickens's novel, a Christmas Carol. However, upon more research I learned the name has nothing to do with this character. Situated in Shropshire, owner Helen Broadway actual opened the shop as a florist and then branched out to include bridal.

All in all, I found it was wrong to judge a book by its cover. All these bridal shops had unique names and the ones which boasted the highest end designers were not necessarily ones I would have assumed based off their names. I absolutely loved researching these gorgeous shops. Again, I have to tip my hat to the shop owners for being bold and choosing such unconventional names!

Lots of love to the United Kingdom!

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