Monday, March 31, 2014

CUSTOMIZATIONS... Your path to the dress of your dreams.

Customizations? ...through a Lu Raquel partner store..."brides can work with designers to design their own exclusive gown outright, and even have their own name on the label!

Too often I recall being in a bridal shop appointment when a bride would say, "If only this dress had the same top as the last dress it would totally be the one." Having some flexibility, I sometimes was able to accommodate her needs if the designer allowed this. Customization is one of the most overlooked services a designer can accommodate and if you do have this capability you could be losing out on sales day after day.

Add a gorgeous
sheer back
When speaking with shop owners across the country in regards to the question of them having a designer who could do customizations, I was surprised how many did not. In all my conversations, owners were thrilled to hear our gowns are not only 100% customizable, but they can also work with us to create their own exclusive in house designer line with their name in the label. I can recall having one shop who said customizations were sort of available through their designers, however, it was too difficult for brides to imagine what their gown would look like, so they did not take advantage of it.

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Although I did not immediately question this owner as to what type of brides she had in her shop, I pondered this later. In my experience in a rural, small town, I rarely had a bride who was not able to envision her dress once she had the opportunity to customize it. If she could not, it just was not the one. However, almost every bride I helped made at least one customization to her final gown. I found this not only helped her pick out a dress and feel better about it, she was getting what she truly wanted and was able to design her own wedding gown without paying an unreasonable, high-end designer fee attached with it.

Add a lace-up inner corset
Going forward with our own brand, Lu Raquel, we thought let's take this a step further and not only allow shops to create their own designer line but also allow brides to fully create their own gowns as well. We can put their own name in the label, and for years to come they can show off their wedding gown as a creation of their very own. The equally thrilling side of this is that our partner stores are also able to design their own "in house designer label" line. What this means is they too can have their shop name on the tags of the gowns and work directly with a designer at Lu Raquel to create their one-of-a-kind line, only available in their own shop. Talk about exclusivity.

Being able to write about this excites me as I feel the bridal industry is truly needing this service by a designer. Brides today know what they want. Through sites like Pinterest. they are overloaded with ideas for a dress which often times can not possibly be encompassed in one single gown. By being able to incorporate aspects from multiple gowns into one, brides can finally be truly satisfied when they look in the mirror before making their once in a lifetime walk down the aisle.

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