Sunday, March 30, 2014

Great Gatsby Inspired Gowns...

Gorgeous beaded gowns, headpieces, bangles, long pearl necklaces, and of course, jazz, bring us back to a time in America when money was flowing, music made you want to dance and the fashion risks to this day make us ooh and aaah at the 1920's. Warner Bros took the acclaimed book by F. Scott Fitzgerald and with music from Jay Z, to actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby McGuire, they struck a cord with American brides. Embracing the 'Gatsby' theme, designers this Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 are bringing their own style to this long ago introduced look of the roaring twenties.

Headpieces. These alone are a theme to talk about. They are the perfect reminder of the look of the 20's. Usually off-centered on the head, they are adorned with beads, Swarovski crystals, lace and of course pearls, your eyes are immediately drawn upward to see the intricate piece of art. Although, headpieces are just an accessory, they area a must for the Gatsby theme look.


Cap sleeves.  Shown above, wedding gowns with the Gatsby theme demonstrate how absolutely stunning a cap sleeve can be. Look how the bottom of the cap sleeve even has the famous beads that dangle just above the elbow? When you think back to jazz dancers from the 20's, they always had these at the bottom of their gowns to give an allusion of more movement when they danced. Beads. Ahh! The bead work on these gowns is amazing. They represent all the glitz and the glam that was the 1920's. The jewelry. Again, like the headpieces the jewelry may just be an accessory to the gown, but a must have. Long, pearl necklaces and the way they swing around while the bride walks down the aisle or is dancing her heart away at the reception, again represent the jazz age perfectly.

Lastly, the silhouette. Nothing says sexy like a sleek, stunning, sheath beaded gown such as the one shown above. Hugging curves, flowing around the ankles and enunciating all that makes a woman beautiful, this gown is definitely going to stop people in their tracks. From the headpiece, to the delicate cap sleeves, bead work from top to bottom, what's not to love?

How I wish I could go back to the 20's and meet the designers who first came up with these gowns. Although they were made for jazz dancers, the transition to bridal is only natural. Sexy and alluring, unique and dramatic, the perfect wedding gown covers all these descriptions.  We have seen the Gatsby look begin this summer and going into the Fall and Spring I am sure the trend continue.

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