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Nautical, Country or maybe a little Diva?

Destination Wedding: Incorporating Design Elements to Emulate According to Region

Coastal: The bride of style and class. Lobster tails, yacht clubs, and the smell of sea salt. The landscape for her wedding back drop is; old money, preppy, with a hint of tradition.
Style Elements: When selecting a dress for a coastal wedding you want to focus on traditional elements with a modern take. A strapless gown A-line gown that cascades at the natural waist is a beautiful way to showcase this. Also opting for a gown that has been in your family, possibly your mothers or grandmothers, and reworking it into something new can be a sentimental and thoughtful touch.
Inspiration: Think Blaire Waldorf. Something traditional and modest, without sacrificing fashion. You can never go wrong with guiding your bride with anything in the navy, khaki, or coral family as accents.
Possible Location: Maine.

Beach: The bride of ease and grace. She wants tropical scenery, an ocean view and sand. A relaxed and romantic vibe is what she wants to convey to her guests.
Style Elements:  When helping a bride choose what gown to wear for a beach wedding it is important to remember that light and airy fabrics are going to be the most flattering for the weather and esthetic of the decor. It is also likely that brides who get married on the beach will want to incorporate elements from the ocean. While this can be done beautifully with; a mermaid, short, or sheath gown some brides find this too typical for a seaside affair. If you have a bride feeling limited by her options, go the more subtle route. Opt for something that is more muted, for example instead of the obvious sea life accessories, show her how pearls can be used in an understated way but still correlate with her theme. Introduce a dress with tiers, showing the way they embody the waves of the ocean. Another option is a dress with cut outs. This will allow the bride to choose any silhouette but will also keep it casual.
Inspiration: What guests expect to see at a beach wedding is the obvious incorporation of the scenery around them. Don’t be afraid to use anything from the landscape to the water to the exotic flowers, to draw inspiration for helping a bride find the perfect dress. To go with the whole laid back feeling of her big day, you should also keep in mind how her whole appearance is going to be presented that day. When helping her decide on a veil and hair accessories, suggest she keep it simple. Have her Blake Lively up that hair with a fish tail braid or some tousled loose curls!
Possible Location: Hawaii.

Winter: The unconventional and unique bride. Think icicle, snowflakes and horse drawn carriages. This bride wants these crisp, cocoa drinking winter months to convey the gorgeous twinkle light lit coziness of her wedding.
Style Elements: Recommend the whitest of whites for the color of her gown. There is a certain indescribable beauty in the photographs when you can’t see where the snow stops and her dress begins. Remember that due to the weather this brides gown will spend time being covered up either by a wrap, shrug, or jacket. Help the bride decide what she will wear over her gown in order to style her accordingly. The most typical dress for this time of year is a ball gown. With crystal embellishments and a fur shall it will take this expected silhouette to something extraordinary. It’s easy to see why the ball gown is known as the ultimate wedding dress because even with a wrap of fur it is not overpowered, still shows off her waist and always keeps her feeling like a true bride.
Inspiration: While everyone is having their weddings in the spring and summer she chose a time that is severely underrated for how beautiful it can be as a back ground for a wedding. Encourage her to have fun with this winter wonderland theme; adding gloves, crystal jewelry, or metallic accents.
Possible Location: Aspen.

Desert: The daring and risk taking bride. A wedding with cactuses, rust colored sand and a sunset. Some say this is where the sun meets the Earth making this a perfect destination for a bride seeking an unforgettable ceremony.
Style Elements: One thing to keep in mind when having a wedding in the desert is the weather. While it goes without saying it’s going to be hot, but not only that, there is going to be wind blowing in from every direction. Direct her towards dresses that are not too form fitting and will flow beautifully not only in the wind, but against her body. A sheath, short, or drop waist gown would be a great choice. Another thing to consider is the color of the gown. Ivory, off white, or a dust color will be beautiful with the landscape and will keep the bride stress free for the evening because I can guarantee if she chooses a gown that is stark white, that sucker will get dirty in a second.
Inspiration: While the desert is known for being desolate and flat, one of its best kept secrets is its sunsets. Drawing from the colors; deep rusts, purples and greens make an outstanding accent to a wedding with this background. Another thing that keeps this wedding destination unique is the plants and cactuses. Suggest creative ways for your bride to incorporate this into her dress and accessories.
Possible Location: Arizona.

Country: The bride of simplicity and natural beauty. With pickup trucks and cowboy boots, this back road, invite only ceremony surrounded by fields is a country girls dream.
Style Elements: Like the landscape, her simplicity should be showcased in her gown. However his does not mean plain by any means. The key here is to keep the bride seeming understated without appearing boring. A straight silhouette with off the shoulder straps is a prime example of how to add interest to a gown. Another way to show a bride how to spice up a simple dress is by choosing a certain part of the gown to be avant garde. A unique neckline, full skirt, jeweled ribbon belt, or contrasting fabrics are all great ways to do this without overpowering the theme.
Inspiration: Emulating a southern belle doesn’t have to consist of big hair, bling, and an expensive venue. You can still guide your bride toward a dress that will make her feel like a Miranda Lambert country princess without sacrificing her desire to keep her wedding simple.
Possible Location: North Idaho.

xoxo Jessica

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