Monday, April 14, 2014

Blush, pink, ruby!

White was the original wedding gown color. Although many bride's still choose white, one of my favorite trends I see hitting the runway more and more are the gowns with hints of color. Blush to be exact. At first, my traditionalist instinct was to shake my head as I thought color didn't belong on a wedding gown. However, I am falling head over heals for this sweet and soft, yet fresh and exciting look. Reading an article from the Chicago times this year, in reference to more blush tones on wedding gowns, Ines Di Santo was quoted as saying, "It's flattering to many skin tones and hair colors. Who doesn't look pretty in pink?"

I couldn't agree more. When I picture a bride on her wedding day, I see a beautiful smiling face with rosy cheeks, excitement bubbling over in her eyes and a skip in her step. When I imagine her wearing a white, stiff gown, it almost subdues her outward appearance. Then, if I imagine a soft, chiffon flowing gown with a fitted bodice, sweat heart neckline with a few embellishments around the waist line...the gown seems to match her inner attitude.


Again, I wasn't the type who thought I would ever like color on a wedding gown. However, how can you not love these brides and their beautiful gowns? They shine and that is what a wedding gown is supposed to do- reflect who you are and how you feel. So enjoy today and think pink!!

Lu Raquel

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