Friday, April 18, 2014

Design vs. Embellishment

Looking at designs recently I have found that more and more bridal styles rely heavily on the use of embellishments over design.  Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with bling-ing out a wedding dress, I cannot stop drooling over sheath gowns dripping in beads and crystals now that this 20's and 30's art deco movement is making its way into the bridal industry.  However, when a dress has great design underneath, that's what makes it great, not the overwhelming everything thrown on top of it.

I completely agree with the infamous quote from Miss Chanel, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."  Funny thing is, I think that this directly applies to a gown.  If it's over embellished, it looks as though you're trying too hard, or just don't know when to say no.  Less is more, and this goes with bridal gowns as well ladies.

So where is the line drawn?  It's all a matter of taste and to be quite frank, your body.  A woman who is short may not be able to pull off as much sparkle as a taller woman who has more surface area to fill.  I don't mean this to be overly-blunt, but c'mon ladies, I'm not going to sugar coat the fact that every woman is different.  AND THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!  I wish that more women would be comfortable in their skin.  It's the age-old battle of "I want straight hair even though mine is curly".  Let's embrace our bodies ladies, and dress it accordingly, especially on one of the most important days of our life.

To quote Coco once more, "Fashion is architecture: it's a matter of proportions".  This is SO TRUE!  It relates directly to the idea of matching the amount of embellishment with ones body type and goes into my next point, and rather the main point that I've been skirting around.  Fashion is architecture, if the base of that gown is nothing to be gawked at, then why wear it??

Case in point: Project Runway, season two, episode one.  One of the designers went into the first challenge with a very cute little ensemble that was white lace with brown accents.   Remember??  (okay, perhaps I'm the only project runway junkie...)  Anyhoo, it was pleasant enough, not anything awful but not particularly spectacular when Michael Kors asked her to something that I'll never forget.  On the runway he asked her to remove the lace over the top and the ribbon on the bottom and cinching her waist.  As the model stood on the runway I then realized this was one of the biggest mistakes a designer could make.  Standing up on that runway was a white jersey pencil skirt and bandeau.  Over embellishing resulted in her being "out" on the first round.  

So where is she now?  An incredibly talented designer, her designs have shifted dramatically to basic to simplistic and modern.  And that right there is all it takes.

My point is ladies, is that there is no reason to hide behinds pounds of embellishments.  More than anything you are there to shine and the dress is meant to compliment you.  When you're falling in love with a gown now, take a good long look at it.  Is it an innovative design?  Or is it just embellished to look modern and new?  Don't let embellishment fool you, it could be something old hidden behind layers of beading, or it could be something divinely gorgeous with embellishments there to compliment the overall design and make you look even more lovely.

Until next time,
Lu Raquel

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