Thursday, May 15, 2014

Behind the scenes with the Lu Raquel Design Team

There is no way to describe the joy that comes from designing.  The moment the pencil touches the paper it seems to take off in all sorts of directions. We can't say that we were expecting everything that has been thrown at us, but we can say we are absolutely thrilled!!!

Currently Lu Raquel has begun the design process behind the Fall 2015 Collection and we cannot put into words how ecstatic we are  to be a part of this amazing experience.  The thought of collaborating with amazingly talented designers is truly inspiring.  Did we mention the fact that our Spring 2015 gowns have already debuted and can be seen in bridal shops here and abroad?!  Every day we are so thankful to be doing what we love with a company that has just as much heart and drive as we do.  What more could we ask for as designers?

For our interns who are young, fresh and out of design school, formal training has bombarded them with all of the "correct" ways to draw inspiration.  A huge thank you to all the amazing professors that have helped this talented group of people become the designers they are today . It seems that inspiration surrounds them daily. They take from what women are wearing on the streets, national trends, color trends, movement of garments on a body, wedding trends, bridal shows, TEXTILES, and brides themselves (thank you Pintrest) and are constantly coming up with ideas for our collections. Below are a couple of examples of non traditional sources of inspiration for this creative team!

Nature.  Cliche? Perhaps. However, the great outdoors is an amazing inspiration on a daily basis.   Peonies, daisies, roses ! It is amazing what inspiration you can get by just  taking a moment to analyze the beauty and structure of any flower.  There's a reason women are so often compared to flowers.  The curves, the subtle elegance, two definite inspirations that can be seen within our designs.

Taste.  Food and drink, we find that in an odd way food and drink can definitely enhance the design process.  Whether it's the tartness of a blackberry, creaminess of frozen yogurt, or richness of milk chocolate (okay those were all foods) they inspire the flow and structure of many of our  garments.  It may not come off initially but trust us...we can see it.

even our sketch books are chaos

Flats are a pain in the tookus!  That's all there is to it and there is no avoiding it.  When it comes to working and communicating with the factories, there is no other way to get ideas across.  You may have the most beautiful sketch in the world, but at times there's only so far that can take a designer.

What can you expect to see from our collection?  We're really digging the idea of mashing up ready to wear and bridal.  We want brides to be comfortable yet still glamorous on their big day!  We are loving peplums, lace, keyhole and illusion backs, breathtaking details, dramatic necklines, intricate bodices, classic silhouettes and with each design...something that's never been seen before.  After all we are not just designers...we are innovators.

Until next time, 
Lu Raquel Design Team

All designs are property of Lu Raquel Inc.© We reserve the right to take legal action/prosecute if any designs are copied.

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