Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We love our our international student Yini!

We love our interns. Watching them learn and grow each day is such a wonderful thing to experience. Yini has a bachelors degree from Shanghai University in China, and is doing her international studies at Gonzaga University. We just lover her and the extremely important role she plays in our company. Today Yini blogs on the her views regarding her role with Lu Raquel! Enjoy!


Blog No.7
I began participating in meetings in the morning since last week. Although I need to get
up one hour early , having opportunities to meet everyone in the morning and listen to everyone’s objectives and daily quotes makes me feel that I am really a part of the team, which is awesome. Knowing what each team member does for each day’s work helps me know their responsibilities and roles for the team. Thus, it will be really helpful for me to write the paper about the company’s organizational structure because I have a clear idea of each one’s position, job and duty.
In addition to observing and exploring others’ work, I should also spend more time

thinking about what my role is in the team just like what Sarah asked me this morning in the sales meeting. Because I am an intern and do not have a title of work, which means there is no specific thing that I am taking charge of now, so it is a little bit hard for me to find the role I am playing in the team now. However, it does not mean that I do not have a role. I did not realize that I had a role until Sarah asked me that question, I started thinking about that and my lovely coworkers complimented me on doing good with my job. I super appreciated what they said about me. I was strongly encouraged. I felt I was meaningful and valuable to this team and the company rather than just being like a short-term intern who does a little work, does not have a title, so does not worth to be valued. I was so so glad that what I did have been seen and been appreciated. Not every company treats interns just like treat any other regular employees, but Lu Raquel is that kind of company caring each one of the employees. Thus, I am so happy that I am here, not anywhere else.