Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

This has been a year of wonderful new experiences. We, in the Lu Raquel family, wanted to say thank you for everything you have done. Whether it's liking our photos or even just taking the time to read a post we have made for you.
We want to take this chance to say thank you. Thank you for all of the support and love that we have gotten this year. Everything we have, would not be possible without all of your help. Without inspiration from everyone and all of our staff we would not have our Spring 2016 collection. Without the help of our amazing partners, we would not have the flourishing business you see today! 
Christmas is a time of love, compassion, and giving. For us we have put all of our love into our Spring 2016 collection. Without everyone's support, we would not have our gorgeous Spring 2016 collection.  We would not have such a wonderfully supportive and productive environment for everyone in the Lu Raquel family. So, Thank You partners, employees, fans, brides, etc. We at the Lu Raquel family are just so happy to spend this wonderful time of year with each other and with you. Let us know any special plans that you have for Christmas, share with us on this day of family and friends what you did this holiday season. Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Life Behind Design

Life Behind Design

Running a business can be tough. There are a lot of things that go into making your business successful.

At Lu Raquel, we have a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure that we remain a leader in innovation and a front runner in the bridal industry. We make it our goal to surpass the expectations of our partners and go above and beyond to do what no other designer can or will do

We work long days and accomplish a lot for a relatively small team. Each day we balance fun with hard work to ensure that our company keeps the ball rolling.

Starting off the business day with some fun can help everyone start things off on a good note.
We find it useful to start off our day each morning with a game or activity that the whole office participates in to boost morale and get everybody moving. This gets every member of the team involved and wakes them up. After the game, we all break for the morning and get to work.

Time management is something that can be crucial to success. Managing your time efficiently will help boost productivity; which is critical.

 After we work hard on our tasks, at midday we reconvene to go over what we have accomplished and intend to accomplish by the end of the day. This forces everybody to manage their time well and be held accountable.

Itemizing tasks is important for any business to make sure you are on top of everything.

 During the day we make sure we are on top of the following:  following-up with and providing support for our partners, talking to potential partners, holding design meetings, posting social media, maintaining our website, reviewing account statuses to make sure all our orders are being produced efficiently and on time, rendering new gowns, performing quality control procedures, sending out partner status updates and updating our blog among other things.

Communication is critical to the success of any business.

 At Lu Raquel, we love to stay in touch with our partners and possible partners. We are dedicated to your success just as much as we are to our own! We allocate time for our partners to connect with our account concierge to seamlessly bridge the gap between them and our design team.

Morale is an important ingredient for any businesses success. Without morale productivity takes a dive, things don’t run as efficiently and the business as a whole suffers.

Each day we randomly designate a MOH, or “Morale-OfficHere”, who is in charge of creating a second activity for the day during this time. The MOH is in charge of keeping morale high throughout the day and making sure that we shove away any negative thoughts and are happily productive.

We hope these pointers have been helpful to you and have hopefully given you some ideas for your business. We wish you all the success in the world and hope your business is as happy and productive as possible.

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Culture of Couture

The Culture of Couture

These days, fashion is innovative and our team here at Lu Raquel has made it our promise to deliver to those expectations. Something we like to pride ourselves on is that we can customize any dress that we have to fit your bride’s personal style. 

We allow all of our partners to apply a multitude of customizations that they see fit to make any gown unique. An expert stylist can help you to create the perfect blend of customizations for a unique, one-of-a-kind gown based on in-store samples. This is what sets us apart! Here are some renderings of customizations we have done in the past: 

Customizations + Your Bride’s Style = Stylizations

A number of stylizations are applicable in the bridal world.  With Lu Raquel, we give you the chance to create the experience of a lifetime by making any customization you want. These changes can apply anywhere.

·         Sleeves
·         Skirt
·         Back
·         Modest
·         Neckline
·         Top & Bottom
·         Embellishments
·         Fabrics

Any gown should be as unique as your bride. Our in house design team will help your bride design and create the dress of their dreams. 

Here are some renderings so you know what our team is capable of.

With Lu Raquel, it is your bride’s dream, our passion and your bride’s dress together that allow us to make her special day that much more special!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Lu Raquel News Update!

News Update!

So we have had a lot of things going on this month. First up we have photographed Evelynn and 
Skyla. Evelynn is a classic, soft lace fit n’flare with a scalloped, illusion lace neckline that falls into 
off-the-shoulder cap sleeves. Her back features a unique triangle keyhole with decorative buttons.

Skyla is an effortless sheath gown, featuring a finely-pleated, silk chiffon bodice, and peek-a-boo keyhole front. The slit keyhole back ends at the natural waist, which sparkles with elegant beadwork.

BLP Program!

Also, it has been awhile since we brought up the BLP 

If you are wanting a custom couture gown for a more 
reasonable price, here are the steps you need to take:

1. Find a Lu Raquel dress retailer.
-Go to this link to find a retailer in your area!

2. Call the retailer to make an appointment.
- Make sure to call them and set up an appointment and be 
sure to let them know that you found them on Lu Raquel's 

3. Create a pinterest board!
-Make sure to come prepared for your appointment with an 
idea of the kind of gowns that you like. But don't be closed-minded about trying something different. Your consultant 
will be able to look at all of the gowns that you like and help pick gowns out that might look amazingon you and fit with the theme of your board too.

4. Try everything on!
- Make sure to try on lot's of different gowns so that you know what types, features and 
characteristics look the best on you.

5. Make a decision!
-Make a choice on what you want your gown to look like. Take pictures of the gowns and features 
that looked the best on you. Give them to your consultant so they can fill out the BLP form for you!

Your consultant will go into more detail about the rest of the process after you have submitted your 
gown design. Your consultant will be the most knowledgeable about the BLP process, so make 
sure to ask any questions that you might have.
We would love to help you design your perfect gown!

Friday, November 20, 2015

How to Recognize Fashion Trends

When looking for your gown, really prepare for a few months. You need to save every thing that you like whether it be a board in Pinterest or folders on your desktop. Also, make sure to save more than just bridal gowns that you think are "pretty". Make sure to put furniture, color schemes, photographs, accessories, etc. Anything that you find visually appealing.

Now, either you can look at everything that you pinned or saved at the end of the month, or really try to understand what you like about each photograph. Then, look at what you wrote at the end of the month. You will notice that while there are current trends that you may recognize, you may see an emerging theme.

At the beginning of every month, create a board labeled that month (some people even do it by season) then you can see trends that are starting to pick up after a couple of months. This is important for designing not only your gown, but designing your own line.
Lately, when I look over the last couple of months of my boards I have noticed ball gowns becoming more evident in evening wear. And not only ball gowns in general, but a classic weighted ball gown that has a mid-20th century feel. Not only that, but changes in layers is huge right now 
with high and low changes in sleeves, skirts, bustles, etc. Another trend that is in full swing are metallics. Gowns that look like they have been dipped in glitter and move with a weight that wraps around the body.

After a couple of months there will be no need to try and possibly be a trendsetter, because you will be able to pick up on the trends as they appear like a professional fashion designer and forecaster.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Introducing Myles Shadman and his "Man Talk Monday!"


We want to welcome Myles Shadman, our newest business intern, to our 
Lu Raquel family! Here is his self-introduction below;

Hello! My name is Myles Shadman. I am 20 
years old and I have lived nearly all my life in 
Couer d'Alene, Idaho. Usually, I like to spend 
most of my free time outdoors hiking or 
swimming, or traveling to new locations. I enjoy concerts and summer is definitely my favorite 
season of the year. 

This is my second day on the job, here at Lu 
Raquel, and I am excited to see what knowledge 
this opportunity brings me for my future. I am 
currently enrolled at North Idaho College and 
am taking classes towards two different degrees: Mechanical Engineering & International 
Business, while I am also pursuing a minor in 
Spanish. On top of all that, I also work at a 
restaurant during the week. I hope to use what I 
am learning in this period of my life to potentiallyopen my own business. Until I figure out what 
type of business, I plan to gain as much knowledge I can; because you can never have too much.

Myles brought up a fun idea for doing Lu Raquel social media posts. He is going to do an interesting theme on our social media every Monday. It's called "Man Talk Monday." He will talk about 
wedding dresses and women's fashion from a man's perspective! How cool will that be?! Are you looking forward to hearing his perspective on women's stuff? We are!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Do you know what you look best in?

A common problem for brides is when they go into a boutique, they have a picture of a gorgeous gown on the model it's made to look good on and don't want to see anything else. DON'T DO IT!

1. Keep in mind the people in the boutique have been doing this longer than you. They see all different body types and the good, and bad, dress choices they make. Go in with ideas of what you like BUT be open to their advice and ask them what THEY think you would look good in.

2. Next, research.
 I can't tell you how important this is. Research what will look good on you, research what your body type is, research bridal boutiques, etc.  Don't just find one gown that is pretty, figure out what you really like about it. There are many pretty gowns but you want to find ones that you look at and go, "I could see myself in that" or "I would look amazing in this."

3. Know your body type.
This is one of the biggest things to understand. Do you have an hourglass or are you more of a pear? If you don't know, take this quiz that will help you take your measurements and give you tips on clothes that look best on your body type.

4. If it feels like the dress when you wear it, then it is the dress. Regardless of what anyone else says, if you love how you look in it then you will be happy. And that's the point isn't it? To be the happiest you can be on this day when you're celebrating the fact that you now have a partner to help you through the good and bad times.

If you have any questions comment below, we would be happy to help!

Friday, October 30, 2015

We love our Interns! Introducing: Axel Lindy

Happy Friday!

We value the addition of interns on our Lu Raquel team. We love the opportunity to bring in college students from business, fashion, or any degree background for that matter. Our goal is to really give them a peak inside this business, the bridal fashion world, and what it entails on a daily basis! We want to welcome Axel to our family at Lu Raquel. He is one of our newest interns, coming all the way from New York!

I asked Axel to tell us a little bit about himself, and this is what he brought to us;

My name is Axel Lindy. I am 23 years old and am currently pursuing a degree in business administration at North Idaho College. I have been working at Lu Raquel for a week and a half and I absolutely love it! In my spare time I enjoy working on music, cooking and going to the gym. I am also an avid snowboarder and greatly enjoy the winter and everything it brings with it.  I hope to own my own business one day and sell furniture, art, clothing and music. Before working at Lu Raquel I was volunteering at a local thrift store and tutoring math to entry level college students.

Axel brings a fun vibe to our office. He has jumped in and started helping with ever job thrown his way, and has even started learning how to sketch! He will be a valuable part of our team and we look forward to utilizing him and having him interact with our partners and potential partners.

We are so excited to have this awesome guy join us!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Concept to creation: How gowns come to life

Have you ever wondered how the dresses on the runway came to be? It’s not all just fun and games. As much as I’d love to say it’s all creative and artistic work, there is actually quite a lot of time, thought and work that goes into the design of each gown. This is by no means a complete guide to designing, but does lay out the basic stages. 
You may be surprised that the first question is not, “What do I feel like designing?” but rather, “Who am I designing for?” If you keep up with fashion, you will notice sometimes you can identify a designer without even seeing their name. There is a certain unique style to their work and you just know it’s theirs. This is because each designer has a specific type of girl in mind. For example, one may be designing for the outdoorsy, free-spirited, feminine type; another’s target is the modern, strong, independent bride. Everything about these two girls will be different, and their dresses will reflect that! Questions like, “where does this girl live? What does she wear everyday? Where and when is she getting married? What people and places inspire her? What is her personality like? What types of movies does she watch? What is her economic situation? What is important to her in a dress?” are asked. Some may seem silly, but the more you get to know your client, the better you can design for her.

Now that you know your girl, what does she want to wear? This is where you start applying all the information you gathered in the research stage. The concept stage is where colors, themes and trends are taken into consideration.  Fashion is fast, so this is the stage where you not only have to consider, “what does our girl want?” but, “what is our girl going to want in a year?” because concept to creation, to production, to runway, to the store often takes a full year, if not more. “What direction are we moving in?” would be a good way to summarize this stage. 

After you understand what direction you are moving in and whom you are designing for, the next step is creation, or forming the gown. This is the stage all ideas get put on paper, and often multiple renderings are made for each gown with varying details.  Fabrics, finishing’s, structure, construction, layers and closures are decided and put together leading to the last stage. 
After the design is completed, a first prototype is made to get an idea of the gown in real life. Even if you consider everything in your head, sometimes the finished product reveals difficulties you hadn’t expected. Combinations of fabrics don’t pair well, drape doesn’t lay quite right, unflattering details, discomfort and difficulty dressing or moving are just some of the problems designers run into. Once tests are done and revisions made, the gown is now ready to go into final production and out to the brides or the runway!

Now that you’ve read about it, see it in real life by checking out our new Spring 2016 line, maybe you’ll have a little different perspective on all the work that goes into developing a new line! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Spring 2016 is Getting Rave Reviews!

Has anyone taken 20 minutes to stare at our GORGEOUS Spring 2016 line yet?? If not, don’t worry, here is our nice little overview!

    Does anyone else remember watching Anastasia and wishing that you could wear gowns that were as beautiful as hers? If you were as much of an oddball as me, sometimes you acted out the scenes to be a gorgeous princess. Any serious Anastasia fan will know this pose, where you just gracefully sit on the ground, surrounded by your dress. This may or may not have been one of the scenes I acted out the most… Now, you may be asking what the heck this has to do with our Spring 2016 gown "Anna" so let me fill you in. Or maybe I should just let the pose and dress do the talking?

              I was literally jumping up and down (Well as much as you can on a dock without falling into the water) saying YES! We are doing the Anastasia pose. And to be honest, it is just so much more beautiful in real life. Anna (So close to Anya, I love it)!


    Next up, we have Blake. Blake is kind of a special name in our office right now for a little unborn bundle of joy, coming end of November/early December. And this gorgeous gown is everything the name Blake is. Unique, yet not so unique that it’s a highway direction (am I right?), yet chic and elegant.  This gown features a unique, soft lace (literally, this stuff is as soft as a feather!), cocktail dress but has a gorgeously elegant French chiffon, double slit, detachable skirt. 

    This dress is timeless and elegant until you move, then it is like a fan on a supermodel (and believe me that is EXACTLY how you will feel!).


    Brynn is our Boho Beauty. We were designing her to be perfect for the simple and understated bride that doesn't need much to be the gorgeous person that she is. Personally, what I LOVE about the Brynn is that she has a kind of boho/art deco feel to her that is so uniquely her and pairs perfectly. With hand beading, tulle, and applique's, this gown is a stunner on a hanger and will be priceless on a bride. 


    She is our spicy gown! Carmen rocks exactly who she is: a blend of tenacity and tenderness. She is the one who struts down the aisle as a sensual warrior. Let's be honest, everyone loves a woman who can brawl with the best of them while still looking amazing.

    I mean, come on! IS that the face of someone who stands on the sidelines? I don't think so!


    Chanelle is an exquisite, satin, A-line gown. This classically original strapless sweetheart dress is a gem! She comes with a hand beaded crystal belt at the natural waist that leads to an extraordinary, pleated skirt. 


    Want to know a secret? Before this dress had a name, it was the cupcake dress, and in the best way possible. She features a gossamer-like lace bodice that goes into a sumptuously delicious, southern belle ballgown skirt. Truly this is the powderpuff motto. “Sweet, Spice, and everything nice. “


    Evelynn we don’t have pictures of just yet. So you know what, I’m going to let you guys have a little more of a mystery to keep checking back for. I know, I know. Cliffhangers. They SUCK. But they also make everything so much more worth it in the end. 


     This one is a definite favorite! She has a little notch neckline to give a little fiery twist under the delicate flutter sleeves. This is the dress of contradictions, creating this luxurious gown. 

    Are you seeing the gorgeous feathery texture of this gown!? Seriously, Unreal.


    Okay seriously, this gown is stunning. And you know why? Because of her simplicity. For this gorgeous gown we only used a few lines of simple beads and crystals to emphasize its cutouts and gorgeous back. This design doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. This is pretty much the bridal version of a gorgeous natural makeup look. Stunning in the fact that it seems like you aren’t trying and still dazzling. 


    Sorry guys but Skyla is another cliffhanger. Let me just say that she is exquisite!


    Now this one is something you would see on the red carpet with her silver metallic crepe. She is the dress that looks elegant on everyone! Her clean and simple lines are reminiscent of a time of classic beauty that is so rare these days. 


     Last but definitely not the least. Our Trinity is a show stopper. With her double tier skirt that is enough to make it interesting but not overly layered (everyone loves a good cupcake dress but a layer cake dress, no thanks!),she twirls. She seems to float when you walk. To be honest, this is the Holy Trinity of Gowns and/or Bridal. 

    So what do you all think? We wanted to create a gown for everyone. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite dress is!
    Until next time everyone!

    Friday, October 9, 2015

    Fun Fact Friday and Meet Alexis!

    Did you know...?
    •     The English believed that a SPIDER found in your wedding dress meant good luck. Yikes!

    • There are approximately 2.5 million wedding ceremonies every year! (So why not choose Lu Raquel for your ever growing need for wedding gowns, right?!)

    Now that I have your attention from those little fun facts, I want to introduce myself. My name is Alexis, and I am the newest addition to Lu Raquel as part of the administrative team.

    I am also a full-time student at North Idaho College, earning my degree in Business and am a mother to two beautiful babies; a two year old son and a five month old daughter. It is a busy life for me, but I wouldn’t change one thing about it!

    With that being said, I am so honored to be a part of the Lu Raquel team and to see my experience and skills grow within this company. Be ready to hear more from me in the future!

    I cannot wait to work with each one of you!


    Friday, October 2, 2015

    2015 New York International Bridal Week

    Hi everybody. My name is Yini. I am a design team assistant at Lu Raquel. In just a few days, I will be on my way to New York Bridal Week with our team. I am super excited about that right now and cant stop telling everyone! I decided to write a blog to tell more people about New York International Bridal Week and share my excitement!

    What is New York International Bridal Week?
    I want to give you some background about market. The very first New York International Bridal Week was held in 2010 at Pier 94 in New York. This huge bridal event now happens in New York twice a year, in October and April. The market in October is always bigger than the one in April, partly because New York Fashion week is held a month ahead of bridal week and millions of people, who are passionate about fashion, gather in New York to see the freshest designs in the fashion world. At bridal market, retailers have the opportunity to meet bridal designers and manufacturers and shop for new dresses for their brides. The managers of the Piers, MMPI, offered designers great opportunities for trade shows and an opportunity to build longstanding relationships with buyers.

    2014 New York International Bridal Week
    Last year, Lu Raquel attended their first market and had so much fun! We met many successful bridal shop owners and great people. They loved their brides as much as their business. Some of them became our partners. We were so thankful for the great opportunity that New York bridal market offered!

    Here is a peak of some photos that we took last year at the market:

    2015 New York International Bridal Week
    This year, we will be back again! Come see us October 10-12, at Booth 560, Pier 94. Here is the most exciting part! This year, we will offer lots of promotions to our great, future partners. These opportunities are exclusive for market. Plus, I will be there to serve as your personal designer and help your future brides create their dream gowns!

    Cant wait to see you there!