Thursday, January 8, 2015

Design Details

Details, details, details.  

At Lu Raquel we all know the importance of details.  Whether it's inspecting a gown to make sure everything is in tact to be shipped or designing a new gown that a seam needs to be but half an inch to the left, we take care of the details.

Any designer will testify to the importance of details in a garment, but while we're in the early stages of design it's the little things that hit home for us.  Many designers feel more is better, we tend to lean toward the ideology that more really is less.  When there is one small part about the dress that a girl cannot get enough of, that's what makes that dress her own.

The trend of DIY ways to make a dress more personal to a bride is on the rise, and we love it!  One of our favorites is the idea of cutting a heart out of dad's old shirt and stitching it into the dress above her own heart.

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A something blue that's just too cute for words? Having the wedding date or any other momentous date to the bride and groom sewn into the hem of the gown in blue thread.  Adorable, romantic, and whimsical.

 We strive to make gorgeous gowns that aren't over designed with little surprises that perhaps only the bride notices, but makes her feel even that much more special.  Because that's what we're here for, to make our brides beautiful.

Even though we can't physically take your keepsakes and put them into your gown, we pride ourselves in our easy and flexible customization capabilities.  We want dresses to be perfect for the bride and easy to acquire for our partners.  We know the trials of a woman coming in to find that she loves a gown, but one detail is off and there's nothing that can be done.  Which is why we are so proud of our Lu Raquel customizations.  We work with boutiques to get the brides and the stores exactly what they want.

We are so excited to delve into a new season of design! Laced (haha... see what we did there) with new trends, ideas, and innovative designs that we hope boutiques and brides across the country will love.  We look forward to debuting our premier collection of Fall 2015 in the upcoming months.

Look back soon, and as always:

Love from all of us, 

The Lu Raquel Team

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