Monday, January 12, 2015

Greener Bridal and a Greener Lu Raquel!

"Green" has been a hot topic word for a while now, and we are finally seeing it get a little traction in the bridal design world. We have had brides and store owners ask us what Lu Raquel does to contribute to the well-being of this lovely planet we all call home. The fashion industry is currently procuring a bad reputation due to the over-consumption and throw away methods, and many brides are wanting to know what are we doing to become more sustainable?

The thought of "green" when discussing bridal fashion has it's own negative connotations.  There is a general stigma that if you wear hemp based textiles, you're a hippy or that up-cycling really just ends up with someone looking a hot mess.  Does it really have to be this way?  What are the textile options for brides who would really prefer to "go green" on their wedding day?

 In the bridal industry we tend to lean more towards the silk hemp blends, as well raw organic silk, of course! We even have a fellow designer who is exploring the use of vegetables to dye the silk! Here is a little fun information on some fun fabrics:

Hemp- This is an amazing plant with great properties.   Hemp is an extremely versatile plant that can be grown in most climates. No pesticides or insecticides are needed to help it grow, in fact it improves the soil in which it grows!  Okay, we never thought we'd say this, but fight for hemp in fashion! Bonus, hemp blend fabrics can be gorgeous!

Soya- As crazy as it may sound, this textile has been compared to cashmere.  No, we're not joking.  From the hull of a soy bean comes a textile that is lightweight and soft with a bit of stretch.  Want to hear one of the coolest advantages of it though?  This fabric is so biodegradable that you could throw it on your compost pile when it wears out...  Heck yeah!

While many designers who use organic fabrics cater to a more earthy clientele, the green movement is gaining traction with brides and we want all our brides to know they can still go green without sacrificing style, luxury or beauty! Most gowns in our Lu Raquel collections can be ordered in a raw, organic silk that is lovely for the eco-friendly bride! Take a look at our collection and think about how beautiful it would be to order some of these in a gorgeous raw silk!

So what does Lu Raquel do to be good stewards of our planet?

1.  Samples never fall by the wayside by discontinuing a style - 

We understand how heartbreaking it is when a woman falls in love with a gown that she sees years before her actual wedding just to be told that style is discontinued.  This also leads to an excess of sample gowns that stores can only sell off the rack.  What happens to them?  Every gown from every collection can be remade and ordered off of.  This means less samples that go unused.

2. We cut to conserve fabric - 

No, this does not mean that we compromise the integrity of our gowns.  However, we do attempt to utilize fabric yardage to our best advantage.  We don't roll out yards upon yards, we use only what we must to create a beautiful gown.

3. We are a digital company - 

As most of our partners have noticed, we do most of our business virtually. There is very little paper used in our business dealings. We only send out physical look books when someone asks for them specifically. Otherwise our look books are always sent through a virtual file. Last but certainly not least, we take full advantage of technology by visiting with our partners via Skype and other virtual meeting programs.

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It may not be drastic, but we try to do our part.

Love from all of us,

The Lu Raquel Team

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