Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter Wedding Blues

Earlier this week, Punxsutawney Phil predicted that winter is going to last us six more weeks. This prediction may have cast a shadow over the thoughts of many brides hoping to have that perfect spring wedding. Have no fear! Spring is on its way. For those of us who love winter and are sad to see it go, we've got a few tips and ideas for you to consider for your late winter wedding.

Mix a little red into your palette

Take advantage of these last six weeks – and the upcoming Valentine’s Day – by using red to create interest and color pops. Red is almost universally known as the color of love and beauty. What color would be better to show the joining of you heart with your significant other? Red is also prevalent in many holiday decorations that may be money-savers at this time of year.

Red Striped Wedding Cake
Photo courtesy of Linda Marklund

 Use cupcakes and sweets as treats

Since many of us are stuffed from all the delicious holiday food, some of your guests may appreciate smaller options when it comes to cakes and treats. Wedding cupcakes are quickly becoming a great option for some brides – and they can even be made at home for those who have a tight budget! Small treats like cookies and chocolates are great gifts that guests can take home and save for later.


Sweet Treats
Photos courtesy of anafuji

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a festival theme

Weddings are celebrations of the love between two people, and what better way to have a celebration than with a festival? The Chinese New Year occurs around this time of year, and some aspects of the festival can make your wedding unique. Red is once again the theme color, followed closely by a golden accent. Bright string lights and sparklers are also great ways to make sure that everyone attending has a blast.

Photo courtesy of Flying Pharmacist, Wikimedia

Embrace the melancholy with the stars

Another popular theme is midnight or twilight, with emphasis on the deep royal blues and twinkling lights of the night sky. This theme blends in well the last melancholic days of winter, creating a beautiful moment. The bride herself is the biggest star in this theme, with her gown creating a dazzling effect on her guests.

Photo courtesy of Micah

Regardless of what theme or colors you have, take advantage of these last few weeks of winter to create a beautiful event that you will remember for the rest of your lives. If a winterized wedding dress is what you’re looking for, keep in mind that all Lu Raquel gowns are fully customizable. Interested? Search for a retailer near you!

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