Friday, March 6, 2015

Dress Design 101: Be Inspired

Have you ever wondered how wedding gowns are designed? Join us for Dress Design 101, a small series about the steps we take when we create a unique Lu Raquel design. Follow us through the step-by-step process of designing our beautiful Leigh Anne gown. For more of our unique designs, check out our website.

Step 1: Inspiration Is Everywhere

The very first step in creating anything is to find inspiration. Inspiration can be all around you, whether you see it or not. It can come to you at the oddest moments -- even while parking at WalMart! Once you find that inspiration, you can start the design process with sketches and careful thought about the gown you've got in your mind's eye.

Design Rendering of our Oliva Jane gown

But, first things first -- you need to be inspired to create a design. Some of the places our design team finds inspiration include:

Pinterest Boards (see ours here)
Award Shows and Premieres
Other Wedding Gown Designers
Music & Art

However, sometimes inspiration finds you. Have you ever attended a motivational speaker presentation and left feeling like you had the power to change the world? Have you ever found yourself attending a gallery opening at a museum and wanting to go home and break out the finger paints? Well, our design team has been inspired by many things, including people, items, nature, or a strong emotional feeling.

What do you do now that you have this great feeling of inspiration? Take your time to gather your thoughts. Creating a design sketch or making a collage can greatly help you in thinking about your inspiration and how that inspiration can translate into a beautiful gown. This method of brainstorming also lets you use your hands to create something, especially if you're making a collage. Sometimes, inspiration can come from the materials you are using during this process, giving you even better ideas!

Photo Courtesy of Karen Louise

Sometimes your inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. It's important to not worry about how and where you're going to be inspired, but to live life understanding that you may be inspired by something as small as a WalMart parking lot incident or as big as a national event. Whatever the case, take your inspiration and create something truly beautiful out of it, like we do for our amazing gowns.

Stay Tuned For Next Week:

Step 2: All About That Silhouette

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