Friday, March 27, 2015

Dress Design 101: Producing A Winner

Have you ever wondered how wedding gowns are designed? Join us for Dress Design 101, a small series about the steps we take when we create a unique Lu Raquel design. Follow us through the step-by-step process of designing our beautiful Leigh Anne gown. For more of our unique designs, check out our website.

Step 4: Producing A Winner

Once you've finalized your design, chosen your fabrics, and picked out the detailing for your gown, it's time for the production stage of designing a gown. Here at Lu Raquel, we follow a set of three steps from the beginning of the production stage to the end. These steps are receiving a quote, production, and quality assurance. This step will discuss each step in-depth. Remember! If you choose Lu Raquel to help you create your dream gown design, our amazing design team will be here to help you every step of the way!

Once a quote for price of production has been received and agreed upon, the manufacturer begins production on the gown. After production has been completed, the gown takes a trip here, to our Lu Raquel offices, for a final quality assurance check. After passing the check, your beautiful, newly designed gown comes home to you.


At Lu Raquel, we're committed to serving you and your dreams. We offer many unique services to our partner stores, including the opportunity to design your very own In House Design Label! We also offer cutomizations on each and every one of our Lu Raquel gowns, so your brides can have the gown of their dreams.

This series was intended to help stir your creative processes, and point out some important steps in the creation of bridal gown design. If you're ready and willing to start making your ideas reality, please contact us at, or on our website.

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