Friday, May 29, 2015

Grow Your Brand With These 4 Marketing Tips!

Use these 4 tips to market your store and brand to gain recognition and sales.

1. Hold Special Promotions and Giveaways

Clients and customers are always willing to enter into promotions and giveaways, no matter what the prize may be. Make use of social media and the visibility you gain from promotions and giveaways to get your brand and your company name out there.

Be sure to make all sales and special offers as visible as possible through advertising on as many media platforms as possible. This includes social media, newspapers, radio, etc. Utilize networking and professional relationships between you and other vendors to hold special giveaways. Contact vendors for in-kind donations that can range from anything as small as an hour of engagement photography to as large as a beautiful honeymoon vacation.

2. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media is quickly replacing all other types of media for how clients search for and look at potential buys, marketing, and promotions. Beginning an aggressive and structured social media marketing campaign is a must.

Use your social media to reach out to the public and become more visible through promotions, giveaways, polls, and communication between your company and the public. If someone comments on a photo or post, be sure to acknowledge them or respond to them!

3. Create Networks and Business Relationships

Relationships between mutual-interest businesses can have positive effects for both parties. It's possible to have long-distance relationships with businesses or online stores, but local businesses have the potential to contact and work closely with other companies in the area that can act as vendors during a bridal fashion show or who can cross-market services.

Offer to promote their company or service in return for their promotion of your brand or company. Offer specific ideas, such as trading links, pictures, or logos on each respective webpage or in events that you collaborate on. The most important thins to keep in mind is that networking is meant to create meaningful business relationships with local vendors that is mutually beneficial now and in the future.

4. Join Networking Groups

Use social media to join networking groups. These groups often contain individuals who are looking to collaborate or network, which creates a helpful community. Having access to these networks only helps to promote your brand and image, particularly if you use these groups to find collaborators and business relationships.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Design Your Dream Gown....

At Lu Raquel we are proud to say we are rocking the bridal world! Have you been a dreamer of your wedding gown? Design yours today! Find your local retailer

Friday, May 22, 2015

Down to the Details: Fabrics

Fabric choices can make or break a gown. Light, airy fabrics give a gown a different personality than heavier fabrics. Certain fabrics are better in different situations. Here's how to pick the perfect gown with the perfect fabric:

We offer a wide-range of fabric options. Our options also come with a very wide-range of color choices for those brides who are looking for that little something extra for their gown. We work closely together with our partner stores and their brides to make sure that their gowns are the best they can possibly be. We've even got our swatches up in our design room for easy access!

Let's say you're a blushing bride looking for that perfect destination wedding gown. Your vision is for a beautiful sunset beach wedding surrounded by loved ones. The only trouble is finding the right gown that will enhance your beauty, but that will also be well-suited to a destination wedding.

Light fabrics like chiffon, organza, and some laces are perfect fits for a dreamy destination wedding. Take our very own Leigh Anne as an example. The soft organza bodice and lace A-line skirt give the gown a romantic and airy feeling. It's a light gown, as well, and will fit in perfectly at a beach ceremony.

If heavier fabrics are more your thing, then perhaps you're looking for a nice satin gown. Take our Dyna, for instance. While her silk taffeta fabric may be a bit heavier than the Leigh Anne, the support of the gown allows for a gorgeous three-tiered peplum skirt. This gown will definitely highlight the wearer's beauty while offering support and comfort.

Whatever a bride chooses, it's important that her gown fits her vision of her special day. Everyone at Lu Raquel works very hard to make sure that everyone is satisfied with high-quality products that cater to each individuals' needs.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Down to the Details: Lace and Beadwork

Detailing can be very important for a bride when she's considering a wedding gown. Does it have the right amount of bling? Is the lace the right pattern and weight? Do the details emphasis the beauty of the bride, while not taking the center of attention away from her?

Many of our gowns have incredible detailing that can really emphasis the natural beauty of the bride on her special day. We take pride in the quality of the bead work and lace options that we offer-- and all options can be used to modified any and all Lu Raquel original designs! For instance, take a look at the gorgeous lace cap sleeves that were added on to our Giselle gown. They really amp up the romantic feel of the gown, and give it an air of loveliness that it didn't quite have before. (The original gown is on the left.)


Sometimes it can be the bling and wow-factor of a beaded gown that a bride is looking for -- and we have just the thing! Lu Raquel carries a variety of gowns with bead work that vary in the amount of beading that is applied to them. All of the gowns can be altered to include more or less beading, too! The two gowns below are our lovely Leigh Anne and the stunning Kristin Marrie. You can definitely see the difference in how the gowns' detailing affects their personalities.

Ultimately, the amount and type of detailing is up to the bride and her idea of what her gown should look like. We are happy to accommodate all brides through our unique Bride Label Program, just ask one of our authorized retailers for more information. 

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Dress of the Month: the Daring Donna Belle

Donna Belle captivates her audience with daring and sexy cut outs. Her sleek and simple skirt balances out the edgy top with sophistication and grace.

Donna Belle is a classic A-line silhouetted gown created with gorgeous silk-satin. Her daring cut outs on the bodice and illusion backline make a statement that wedding guests are sure no to forget. She's fully customizable, including a modesty option.

If you're looking for a gown that has the right amount of edginess and classiness, then the Donna Belle may be the one for you.

Check out the Donna Belle and more of our gowns on our website.

Friday, May 1, 2015

5 Marketing Tips to Help You Sell More

Use these 5 tips to market your store and your brand to gain recognition and sales.

1. Create press releases that really show off your brand and advertise your products or specials.

Creating press release packets and providing them to the media is an effective means of spreading your brand and gaining more attention in your community – and best of all, it comes at little to no cost to you! Quarterly or more frequent press releases allow your brand to become more familiar and well-known through the use of your local newspaper or news station.

2. Hold a bridal fashion show at little to no cost for you.

Organize your own fashion show.
One method of bringing attention to the wide variety of high-end and unique gowns that your store may have in stock is to hold a bridal fashion show. Most people think of fashion shows as flashy, expensive events that take too much time and energy to plan – but this is incorrect. A bridal fashion show can cost the store absolutely nothing while giving you a unique event that will bring lots of attention to you and your stock!

An example of an in-kind gift or vendor tabling would be asking a wedding catering company to offer a small selection of their dishes in return for publicizing their company to potential clients during your fashion show event or having a table present during the event.

Most of the expenses that come from a fashion show are in refreshments, gift bags, and promotional materials. You can cut that expense list by 2/3 by reaching out to local wedding vendors for in-kind donations or offering them vendor tables at your event. An in-kind donation is a donation of a service or good by a company at no cost, or in return for publicity during the event.

3. Create a database to hold contact information.

Retail shops can benefit greatly from having a database where the contact information for potential clients is stored. Contact information can include information such as emails, phone numbers, and addresses. This information should be, or at least attempted to be, collected from each and every person that comes through your shop’s doors, including mothers of the brides, bridesmaids, and those who are “just looking”.

A database is really just a fancy list. One of the simplest ways to make a database is to create a Microsoft Office Excel sheet that lists the names, phone numbers, and emails of your potential clients.

4. Send out a monthly newsletter to your clients or customers.

Monthly newsletters allow clients and partners to see what you and your store have been up to. These newsletter also allow you to communicate sales and promotions that may have happened or are upcoming, which will drum up more visibility and excitement about your store.

An innovative way of creating and sending a monthly newsletter is through a specialty program like MailChimp. MailChimp has a variety of pre-built templates that you can choose to create an exciting newsletter, and even has an option for you to create a template of your own!

A monthly newsletter can contain content like sales, promotions, giveaways, or recent photos of brides who’ve chosen you for their gown. If your store maintains an online blog, a newsletter is a helpful way of showing off the content there and on your website.

5. Use your community to your advantage.

The local community is an extremely important asset for any retail store, and here are a few tips on how to use your local community to your advantage.

The local businesses and companies located closest to you are all full of employees who are potential customers – make sure your brand and business are visible to them! Use announcements and cold calls to introduce your business to those near you. Offer a discount to the employees of these businesses and make use of community and break room poster boards.

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