Friday, May 22, 2015

Down to the Details: Fabrics

Fabric choices can make or break a gown. Light, airy fabrics give a gown a different personality than heavier fabrics. Certain fabrics are better in different situations. Here's how to pick the perfect gown with the perfect fabric:

We offer a wide-range of fabric options. Our options also come with a very wide-range of color choices for those brides who are looking for that little something extra for their gown. We work closely together with our partner stores and their brides to make sure that their gowns are the best they can possibly be. We've even got our swatches up in our design room for easy access!

Let's say you're a blushing bride looking for that perfect destination wedding gown. Your vision is for a beautiful sunset beach wedding surrounded by loved ones. The only trouble is finding the right gown that will enhance your beauty, but that will also be well-suited to a destination wedding.

Light fabrics like chiffon, organza, and some laces are perfect fits for a dreamy destination wedding. Take our very own Leigh Anne as an example. The soft organza bodice and lace A-line skirt give the gown a romantic and airy feeling. It's a light gown, as well, and will fit in perfectly at a beach ceremony.

If heavier fabrics are more your thing, then perhaps you're looking for a nice satin gown. Take our Dyna, for instance. While her silk taffeta fabric may be a bit heavier than the Leigh Anne, the support of the gown allows for a gorgeous three-tiered peplum skirt. This gown will definitely highlight the wearer's beauty while offering support and comfort.

Whatever a bride chooses, it's important that her gown fits her vision of her special day. Everyone at Lu Raquel works very hard to make sure that everyone is satisfied with high-quality products that cater to each individuals' needs.

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