Friday, May 15, 2015

Down to the Details: Lace and Beadwork

Detailing can be very important for a bride when she's considering a wedding gown. Does it have the right amount of bling? Is the lace the right pattern and weight? Do the details emphasis the beauty of the bride, while not taking the center of attention away from her?

Many of our gowns have incredible detailing that can really emphasis the natural beauty of the bride on her special day. We take pride in the quality of the bead work and lace options that we offer-- and all options can be used to modified any and all Lu Raquel original designs! For instance, take a look at the gorgeous lace cap sleeves that were added on to our Giselle gown. They really amp up the romantic feel of the gown, and give it an air of loveliness that it didn't quite have before. (The original gown is on the left.)


Sometimes it can be the bling and wow-factor of a beaded gown that a bride is looking for -- and we have just the thing! Lu Raquel carries a variety of gowns with bead work that vary in the amount of beading that is applied to them. All of the gowns can be altered to include more or less beading, too! The two gowns below are our lovely Leigh Anne and the stunning Kristin Marrie. You can definitely see the difference in how the gowns' detailing affects their personalities.

Ultimately, the amount and type of detailing is up to the bride and her idea of what her gown should look like. We are happy to accommodate all brides through our unique Bride Label Program, just ask one of our authorized retailers for more information. 

For stores looking to join in a wonderful partnership, or just looking for more information, please send us a message at

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