Friday, May 29, 2015

Grow Your Brand With These 4 Marketing Tips!

Use these 4 tips to market your store and brand to gain recognition and sales.

1. Hold Special Promotions and Giveaways

Clients and customers are always willing to enter into promotions and giveaways, no matter what the prize may be. Make use of social media and the visibility you gain from promotions and giveaways to get your brand and your company name out there.

Be sure to make all sales and special offers as visible as possible through advertising on as many media platforms as possible. This includes social media, newspapers, radio, etc. Utilize networking and professional relationships between you and other vendors to hold special giveaways. Contact vendors for in-kind donations that can range from anything as small as an hour of engagement photography to as large as a beautiful honeymoon vacation.

2. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media is quickly replacing all other types of media for how clients search for and look at potential buys, marketing, and promotions. Beginning an aggressive and structured social media marketing campaign is a must.

Use your social media to reach out to the public and become more visible through promotions, giveaways, polls, and communication between your company and the public. If someone comments on a photo or post, be sure to acknowledge them or respond to them!

3. Create Networks and Business Relationships

Relationships between mutual-interest businesses can have positive effects for both parties. It's possible to have long-distance relationships with businesses or online stores, but local businesses have the potential to contact and work closely with other companies in the area that can act as vendors during a bridal fashion show or who can cross-market services.

Offer to promote their company or service in return for their promotion of your brand or company. Offer specific ideas, such as trading links, pictures, or logos on each respective webpage or in events that you collaborate on. The most important thins to keep in mind is that networking is meant to create meaningful business relationships with local vendors that is mutually beneficial now and in the future.

4. Join Networking Groups

Use social media to join networking groups. These groups often contain individuals who are looking to collaborate or network, which creates a helpful community. Having access to these networks only helps to promote your brand and image, particularly if you use these groups to find collaborators and business relationships.

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