Friday, June 26, 2015

Help Us Pick Our July Dress of the Month!

We love hearing feedback about our designer wedding gowns, and there is no better way than to find out which dresses you love the most! This July, we want you to help us pick a dress of the month from our line of couture Lu Raquel gowns. To see the full gallery of our wedding gowns, click this link.

When you've found the gown you like the most, leave us a comment here, or on one of our other social media accounts! We want to know what you're loving about Lu Raquel.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hold A Photoshoot in 6 Easy Steps!

Photo shoots are an integral part of any business – particularly in the fashion industry. Photos are one of the biggest ways of getting your brand and products into the public view. It’s simple to hold a photo shoot in your store or at a local venue, and doing so will only increase your potential sales.

Here are some steps to take when planning a photo shoot:

1. Develop a concept with your team.

The concept for your photo shoot is very important. A concept can be as simple as a common theme for all the photos, like romance, fantasy, ethereal, etc. Concepts should also include whether or not the photo shoot is inside or outside, and what kinds of props you will need. Also keep in mind any creative photos you want to take outside of your look book images.

2. Secure a photographer.

This can be an opportunity to reduce costs, as there are many photographers who are looking to expand their portfolio or practice their skills. Be sure to advertise at local colleges and community colleges when looking for a photographer. Once you’ve received applications, be sure to:

  • View their portfolio.
    A photographer’s previous work should fit into the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve during your shoot. For example, if you chose a romantic theme, make sure the photographer has samples that show a romantic feeling.
  • Ask if they have a studio location or have experience working outdoors.
    Make sure the location of the shoot works with the concept you’ve chosen. Local venues may be willing to let you use their space in return for cross-promotion, so make sure to exhaust those options as well.
  • Negotiate a price for the photo shoot.
    The price for the photo shoot should include a full day of shooting and a minimum of two photos per gown (front and back). If you chose to include any creative photos, be sure to inform your photographer and include those in the price negotiations.

3. Secure your model(s).

You may have as few or as many models as you’d like! Some designers choose to have one model for all gowns, and some may choose to have multiple models to show different body types and gown embellishments.

  • Make sure the model is the correct size for the gowns.
    Be sure to bring clamps to the shoot in case your model(s) aren’t the correct size for a gown. However, be aware that clamps can make shooting and editing difficult.
  • Decide beforehand if you want to pay your model(s).
    Many models will work for experience or the opportunity to use the photographs from the shoot in their portfolio, but be aware that some models may require compensation.
  • Ensure your model(s) will be available on the day of the photo shoot.
    Before the photo shoot, follow-up with your model(s) to make sure they are available and know the time, date, and location of the photo shoot.

4. Plan the hair, accessories, and make-up for the photo shoot.

  • When you pick a concept, be sure to consider the hair and make-up of your model(s) and pick looks that will fit in with your theme.
  • Make a list of accessories that you want to bring to the photoshoot and bring that list with you.
  • Set up appointments with hair and make-up artists to view their portfolio or a demo of their work.
  • Some hair and make-up artists may be willing to volunteer for cross-promotion, especially if they are a bridal company.
  • Choose hair and make-up artists and set up a meeting to review the concept of the photoshoot, negotiate a price, and to verify the time, date, and location of the photoshoot.
  • When negotiating a price, ask if the artists will be using their own tools, or if the tool need to be provided for them. Negotiate the price based on their answer.
  • Be honest with your hair and make-up artists if their work isn’t what you imagined or needs to be tweaked during the photoshoot.

5. Make a checklist and delegate jobs for the photo shoot.

Delegate jobs to your staff or assistants during the photoshoot to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Some potential jobs include:
  • Coffee runs
  • Fluffing gowns during the photoshoot
  • Steaming gowns
  • Helping models into and out of gowns
  • DJ-in the playlist of the photoshoot
  • Taking video and photos of backstage materials that can be used for behind-the-scenes promotions

Be sure to create a checklist of what you need to bring so you don’t forget any items. Here’s a sample checklist:
  • Gowns
  • Steamer for gowns
  • Dress rack for gowns
  • Accessories
  • Clamps
  • Emergency sewing kit
  • Beverages and refreshments for crew and models
  • Pose board
  • Fan

6. Remember to have fun.

Photo shoots often turn into long days, but make sure to have fun!

For more how-to's or information, contact us at or on our website!

Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Trends to Look for in 2015

With upcoming Fall lines about to be released, it's about time to revisit 2015 trends to see what we can expect in upcoming gowns. Here's a list of 5 trends that our design team has noticed popping up lately. Do you agree with these trends? Which do you think will be the most popular?

Fresh Colors

We've noticed the popularity of pastel colors for wedding gowns, and recently ordered some gorgeous light blue fabrics. Some of the colors that have been the most popular are shades of gray, blue, and mint green. Looking for that pop of color without having to commit to a blush or champagne? Consider these beautiful alternatives instead!

Tulle Town

Light and airy tulle skirts are quickly overtaking their less-fluffy alternatives. There's a wide range of kinds of tulle skirts, from the heavy — like our Chloe and Kristin Marrie below — to a simple tulle overlay. If you're looking for a gorgeous skirt that embellishes your fun and flirtatious personality, then check out this trend.

Collar City

Collars are making a comeback, especially illusion necklines. Our Helene and Rosie gowns both have collars, but make very different impacts. Helene is a regal gown fit for bridal royalty with her Elizabethan collar, while Rosie exudes an air of romance with a light lace illusion neckline. Both fit into this trend of collars and high illusion necklines.

Beach Beauties

Summer time means summer weddings! And nothing says a summer wedding better than a beautiful seaside ceremony. Match your seaside theme perfectly with our bohemian Olivia Jane. Her crop top and full skirt create a look that will be hard to top!

Bikini Backlines

Our design team has noticed a lot of requests for an up-and-coming trend, the double keyhole backline. Lovingly referred to as the bikini backline by our team, this trend creates an interesting backline that shows off your back while supporting the bodice like a gown with a higher backline. This style is also perfect for a summer wedding.

Now that you've seen these trends, which is your favorite? Is there a trend we've missed, that you think will overtake our list? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @LuRaquelLooks.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Stunning Sydney: Our June Dress of the Month

Sydney is a fashionable, fun, and flirty gown that is perfect for a summer wedding. Her character shines through and is a perfect fit for unique brides who are looking for a gown that has that something special.

Sydney is a fun tea-length gown with a playful strapless sweetheart neckline. Scalloped lace edging lines the neckline and bottom of the skirt. This unique babydoll gown is a one-of-a-kind Lu Raquel design! The length and playfulness is perfect for a summer wedding.

For more information about the Sydney, check out our website.
For information on becoming a partner store of Lu Raquel, contact us at

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Couture Cut

Lu Raquel can accommodate any bride with couture sizing! Order your gown in couture size today! Find a local retailer