Friday, August 21, 2015

Lu Raquel Intern Spotlight: Rachael Bower

My name is Rachael and I started as a Fashion Design Intern last summer for Lu Raquel. I spent the summer drawing renderings, illustrations, and flats while doing 2 other full-time jobs, an online course, and preparing for a year studying abroad.
 My internship was my break from all the other things that I needed to do and prepare for. After that summer, I made sure to keep everyone at Lu Raquel updated on my time abroad and shared things such as my work on my dress made out of T-shirts.

I spent spring break in Paris at fashion exhibitions, visited friends in Italy, went to a paint party in England (I was unusually pink after that.), visited castles, worked as a waitress, and worked for hours in a room with only a sewing machine as company.
I got to meet amazing people while studying and living there. This is a me and my friend Ruta, from Lithuania,  at a course-mate's wedding (Ruta on the left and me on the right).
I have been drawing and designing since I was 5 years old. It has been my lifelong dream to work in fashion. Now I get to work for an amazing company who is helping me fulfill my dreams and to become the person I want to be.