Friday, September 25, 2015

A Look Inside Lu Raquel

If you have even glanced at our social media in the last few months, you probably would notice that something big is happening for Lu Raquel.
We are going to unveil our Spring 2016 line and we recently started our photoshoot!! So today we are going to share our Top 10 things not to forget for your photoshoot.

1.Create a concept board!!

-Make sure to research poses, themes, lighting, etc. For every single aesthetic part of a photoshoot, research it!! Really dig deep, even if you do have an idea make sure to keep brainstorming; you never know if that could just be your starting point for something truly amazing!

2. Don't forget your sewing kit!!
-Now, I don't mean your average dinky sewing kit that you can get from a hotel. I'm talking, embroidery scissors, thread (in any colors you may need), thimble, band-aids, crochet hook (to help loop any buttons), needles, pins, safety pins (in all sizes), double-sided tape, measuring tape, and the list goes on and on. You need to be ready for anything. You're not going to want to waste your time driving back and forth getting things that you forgot. So get your team together to think through every scenario and plan your emergency kit.

3. You WILL forget something from your sewing kit!!
-Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. I promise you, that the day will continue on and the world will not fall apart because you forgot one thing. Even though your team thought that they remembered everything, life happens and you can't plan for everything. Just work with what you've got and remember that you have an entire creative team at your back to help you fix any problem.

4.Make sure to choose a photographer who knows their stuff!!
-You should be choosing a photographer who knows the right type of weather and coverage which will be perfect for your shoot. Also, you may not fully understand a lot of what they are talking about, but don't be afraid to ask questions! You should never start something if you don't understand it.

5.Wear comfortable shoes
-Whether you're inside a studio or in the middle of a forest, you are still going to be moving around quite a bit. So make sure you are wearing shoes that you can run and walk in all day long.

6.Find A Playlist

-You're going to want music to give the photoshoot vibe. So find music that everyone likes to jam to. Also, make sure to have a speaker so that your models can hear and are stay upbeat during the day while being squished, prodded and contorted.

7. Make a timeline!
-However, understand that you will most likely not be on time. There will be plenty of things that cause you a delay; whether it's traffic or the opportunity to take photos at other locations, have an idea of what you want done during your photoshoot so you can meet your goal.

8.Don't forget to have a place for your models to change!!
-Especially if you are having a photoshoot outdoors you are going to need a place where models can change their clothes without fear of being charged with indecency. Whether that means a pop up changing room or a nearby bathroom, just do not forget to ask your models what they are comfortable with!

9. Sheets!!
-Backrounds and surroundings that are interesting but won't catch on a wedding gown are few and far between. Make sure to have sheets for your models to stand on so that the dresses don't get dirty in your shoot!

10. Baby Wipes!
-Last but not least, baby wipes are your BEST friend during all of this. Whether its cleaning everyone's hands before they touch the gowns or cleaning a stain, baby wipes are miracle workers. Be ready to use an entire package for each day of your photoshoot.

May these tips help you with your photoshoot and keep an eye out the next two weeks to see the results of our photoshoot!!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Design Team Profile: Cammy!

Hola everyone, my name is Cammy and I’m new to the design team at Lu Raquel.  I started as an intern in June and have been having a blast doing renderings, flats, spec sheets and even a little sewing.

My journey here started back in high school where I taught myself to sew and would make bags and purses for friends. I quickly advanced in my abilities and began making formal gowns. I loved the creative aspect of designing and put many meticulous details and love into each dress I made. I knew right out of high school I wanted to design bridal gowns. I attended the University of Idaho and funded my schooling working as a bridal consultant and seamstress. In December 2013, I graduated with a degree in Clothing, Textiles and Design, with an emphasis on design.
While in school my favorite classes were my costume design classes. These ignited an interest in the world that led me to take the opportunity to travel overseas during the last few years. I love experiencing new cultures, people, and foods, and this is something I incorporate in my work now.
I’ve had so much fun working with such a diverse group of clients and such a wide range of dresses, and am so blessed to come to work everyday and do exactly what I set out to do. I’m excited to see what the future holds and to watch the company grow.