Friday, October 16, 2015

Spring 2016 is Getting Rave Reviews!

Has anyone taken 20 minutes to stare at our GORGEOUS Spring 2016 line yet?? If not, don’t worry, here is our nice little overview!

    Does anyone else remember watching Anastasia and wishing that you could wear gowns that were as beautiful as hers? If you were as much of an oddball as me, sometimes you acted out the scenes to be a gorgeous princess. Any serious Anastasia fan will know this pose, where you just gracefully sit on the ground, surrounded by your dress. This may or may not have been one of the scenes I acted out the most… Now, you may be asking what the heck this has to do with our Spring 2016 gown "Anna" so let me fill you in. Or maybe I should just let the pose and dress do the talking?

              I was literally jumping up and down (Well as much as you can on a dock without falling into the water) saying YES! We are doing the Anastasia pose. And to be honest, it is just so much more beautiful in real life. Anna (So close to Anya, I love it)!


    Next up, we have Blake. Blake is kind of a special name in our office right now for a little unborn bundle of joy, coming end of November/early December. And this gorgeous gown is everything the name Blake is. Unique, yet not so unique that it’s a highway direction (am I right?), yet chic and elegant.  This gown features a unique, soft lace (literally, this stuff is as soft as a feather!), cocktail dress but has a gorgeously elegant French chiffon, double slit, detachable skirt. 

    This dress is timeless and elegant until you move, then it is like a fan on a supermodel (and believe me that is EXACTLY how you will feel!).


    Brynn is our Boho Beauty. We were designing her to be perfect for the simple and understated bride that doesn't need much to be the gorgeous person that she is. Personally, what I LOVE about the Brynn is that she has a kind of boho/art deco feel to her that is so uniquely her and pairs perfectly. With hand beading, tulle, and applique's, this gown is a stunner on a hanger and will be priceless on a bride. 


    She is our spicy gown! Carmen rocks exactly who she is: a blend of tenacity and tenderness. She is the one who struts down the aisle as a sensual warrior. Let's be honest, everyone loves a woman who can brawl with the best of them while still looking amazing.

    I mean, come on! IS that the face of someone who stands on the sidelines? I don't think so!


    Chanelle is an exquisite, satin, A-line gown. This classically original strapless sweetheart dress is a gem! She comes with a hand beaded crystal belt at the natural waist that leads to an extraordinary, pleated skirt. 


    Want to know a secret? Before this dress had a name, it was the cupcake dress, and in the best way possible. She features a gossamer-like lace bodice that goes into a sumptuously delicious, southern belle ballgown skirt. Truly this is the powderpuff motto. “Sweet, Spice, and everything nice. “


    Evelynn we don’t have pictures of just yet. So you know what, I’m going to let you guys have a little more of a mystery to keep checking back for. I know, I know. Cliffhangers. They SUCK. But they also make everything so much more worth it in the end. 


     This one is a definite favorite! She has a little notch neckline to give a little fiery twist under the delicate flutter sleeves. This is the dress of contradictions, creating this luxurious gown. 

    Are you seeing the gorgeous feathery texture of this gown!? Seriously, Unreal.


    Okay seriously, this gown is stunning. And you know why? Because of her simplicity. For this gorgeous gown we only used a few lines of simple beads and crystals to emphasize its cutouts and gorgeous back. This design doesn’t need all the bells and whistles. This is pretty much the bridal version of a gorgeous natural makeup look. Stunning in the fact that it seems like you aren’t trying and still dazzling. 


    Sorry guys but Skyla is another cliffhanger. Let me just say that she is exquisite!


    Now this one is something you would see on the red carpet with her silver metallic crepe. She is the dress that looks elegant on everyone! Her clean and simple lines are reminiscent of a time of classic beauty that is so rare these days. 


     Last but definitely not the least. Our Trinity is a show stopper. With her double tier skirt that is enough to make it interesting but not overly layered (everyone loves a good cupcake dress but a layer cake dress, no thanks!),she twirls. She seems to float when you walk. To be honest, this is the Holy Trinity of Gowns and/or Bridal. 

    So what do you all think? We wanted to create a gown for everyone. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite dress is!
    Until next time everyone!

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