Friday, November 20, 2015

How to Recognize Fashion Trends

When looking for your gown, really prepare for a few months. You need to save every thing that you like whether it be a board in Pinterest or folders on your desktop. Also, make sure to save more than just bridal gowns that you think are "pretty". Make sure to put furniture, color schemes, photographs, accessories, etc. Anything that you find visually appealing.

Now, either you can look at everything that you pinned or saved at the end of the month, or really try to understand what you like about each photograph. Then, look at what you wrote at the end of the month. You will notice that while there are current trends that you may recognize, you may see an emerging theme.

At the beginning of every month, create a board labeled that month (some people even do it by season) then you can see trends that are starting to pick up after a couple of months. This is important for designing not only your gown, but designing your own line.
Lately, when I look over the last couple of months of my boards I have noticed ball gowns becoming more evident in evening wear. And not only ball gowns in general, but a classic weighted ball gown that has a mid-20th century feel. Not only that, but changes in layers is huge right now 
with high and low changes in sleeves, skirts, bustles, etc. Another trend that is in full swing are metallics. Gowns that look like they have been dipped in glitter and move with a weight that wraps around the body.

After a couple of months there will be no need to try and possibly be a trendsetter, because you will be able to pick up on the trends as they appear like a professional fashion designer and forecaster.

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