Friday, November 13, 2015

Introducing Myles Shadman and his "Man Talk Monday!"


We want to welcome Myles Shadman, our newest business intern, to our 
Lu Raquel family! Here is his self-introduction below;

Hello! My name is Myles Shadman. I am 20 
years old and I have lived nearly all my life in 
Couer d'Alene, Idaho. Usually, I like to spend 
most of my free time outdoors hiking or 
swimming, or traveling to new locations. I enjoy concerts and summer is definitely my favorite 
season of the year. 

This is my second day on the job, here at Lu 
Raquel, and I am excited to see what knowledge 
this opportunity brings me for my future. I am 
currently enrolled at North Idaho College and 
am taking classes towards two different degrees: Mechanical Engineering & International 
Business, while I am also pursuing a minor in 
Spanish. On top of all that, I also work at a 
restaurant during the week. I hope to use what I 
am learning in this period of my life to potentiallyopen my own business. Until I figure out what 
type of business, I plan to gain as much knowledge I can; because you can never have too much.

Myles brought up a fun idea for doing Lu Raquel social media posts. He is going to do an interesting theme on our social media every Monday. It's called "Man Talk Monday." He will talk about 
wedding dresses and women's fashion from a man's perspective! How cool will that be?! Are you looking forward to hearing his perspective on women's stuff? We are!

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