Thursday, December 17, 2015

Life Behind Design

Life Behind Design

Running a business can be tough. There are a lot of things that go into making your business successful.

At Lu Raquel, we have a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure that we remain a leader in innovation and a front runner in the bridal industry. We make it our goal to surpass the expectations of our partners and go above and beyond to do what no other designer can or will do

We work long days and accomplish a lot for a relatively small team. Each day we balance fun with hard work to ensure that our company keeps the ball rolling.

Starting off the business day with some fun can help everyone start things off on a good note.
We find it useful to start off our day each morning with a game or activity that the whole office participates in to boost morale and get everybody moving. This gets every member of the team involved and wakes them up. After the game, we all break for the morning and get to work.

Time management is something that can be crucial to success. Managing your time efficiently will help boost productivity; which is critical.

 After we work hard on our tasks, at midday we reconvene to go over what we have accomplished and intend to accomplish by the end of the day. This forces everybody to manage their time well and be held accountable.

Itemizing tasks is important for any business to make sure you are on top of everything.

 During the day we make sure we are on top of the following:  following-up with and providing support for our partners, talking to potential partners, holding design meetings, posting social media, maintaining our website, reviewing account statuses to make sure all our orders are being produced efficiently and on time, rendering new gowns, performing quality control procedures, sending out partner status updates and updating our blog among other things.

Communication is critical to the success of any business.

 At Lu Raquel, we love to stay in touch with our partners and possible partners. We are dedicated to your success just as much as we are to our own! We allocate time for our partners to connect with our account concierge to seamlessly bridge the gap between them and our design team.

Morale is an important ingredient for any businesses success. Without morale productivity takes a dive, things don’t run as efficiently and the business as a whole suffers.

Each day we randomly designate a MOH, or “Morale-OfficHere”, who is in charge of creating a second activity for the day during this time. The MOH is in charge of keeping morale high throughout the day and making sure that we shove away any negative thoughts and are happily productive.

We hope these pointers have been helpful to you and have hopefully given you some ideas for your business. We wish you all the success in the world and hope your business is as happy and productive as possible.

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