Friday, December 11, 2015

The Culture of Couture

The Culture of Couture

These days, fashion is innovative and our team here at Lu Raquel has made it our promise to deliver to those expectations. Something we like to pride ourselves on is that we can customize any dress that we have to fit your bride’s personal style. 

We allow all of our partners to apply a multitude of customizations that they see fit to make any gown unique. An expert stylist can help you to create the perfect blend of customizations for a unique, one-of-a-kind gown based on in-store samples. This is what sets us apart! Here are some renderings of customizations we have done in the past: 

Customizations + Your Bride’s Style = Stylizations

A number of stylizations are applicable in the bridal world.  With Lu Raquel, we give you the chance to create the experience of a lifetime by making any customization you want. These changes can apply anywhere.

·         Sleeves
·         Skirt
·         Back
·         Modest
·         Neckline
·         Top & Bottom
·         Embellishments
·         Fabrics

Any gown should be as unique as your bride. Our in house design team will help your bride design and create the dress of their dreams. 

Here are some renderings so you know what our team is capable of.

With Lu Raquel, it is your bride’s dream, our passion and your bride’s dress together that allow us to make her special day that much more special!

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