Friday, January 22, 2016

A Day in The Life of a Design Student

We are going to start doing a blog series about one of our interns who is off to design school in Ohio. We have asked her to share with us what she learns and what is like to be a design student. Rachael is an intern who has been with us for a couple of years now and even spent last year in England studying design school! We are so excited for her to share with us her experiences.

A Day in The Life of a Design Student 

Hey, Everyone! I am so excited to get this chance to share my life with you!
So right now, I am working on trying to find a place to study since I have gotten my schedule! I am an incoming second semester Sophmore. I will be taking Fashion Fundamentals, that will focus on Fashion careers (even though I know what I want to do :) ). Then also Fashion Fabric on textiles and the differences in quality and types of fabrics. Plus, I am taking Fashion Drawing 2 (self-explanatory) and I am also taking a draping class! It is a class that will most likely be my favorite, since who doesn't love fabric and the way it moves on the body and off of the body. EEEEEEKKKK!!! I am so excited! I am also taking a class on Ancient to Medieval Art History! Personally, I love Ancient to Medieval time periods. Not only because of the art but cultures around the world were so curious and bizarre compared to today. In fact, why do you think I recommended our first #FairyTaleWednesday be Joan of Arc? A character who not only defied gender roles of the time but also defied society in every aspect.
It has been such a crazy week getting ready I flew out on January 11th. Spending a day in airports and finally getting in at 8pm. I spent a few days checking out places and finally moved into a place close to school and with 2 awesome girls. Now, it is my first week of classes and its amazing how much work, money, and effort come into this major. First, having to buy all of the books before class which is over 300 dollars. I mean and you can't just buy those from the school bookstore since that is the most expensive place to get them. Then, making sure you have all of the supplies that you should have as a student regardless. I already spent 90 dollars on Fashion Illustration supplies. And, I still need more. I mean you would think tuition would cover these costs. At least in my draping class most of the supplies are covered by the class cost. Fashion Designing, in my opinion, is one of the most expensive majors that you can study. Often schools don't cover the cost of fabric, notions, etc. The list for supplies is often hundreds of dollars and that is without your 15 textbooks that you need (which I am not exaggerating, I need 15 books for 15 credits of classes!) Even though it is expensive it is still so much fun to get to do what I love! Next time, I will make sure to have pictures of what I am working on!
See you guys next time! And let's all continue having an amazing Year!

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