Friday, January 8, 2016

What to Buy

What to Buy

This is the age old question in retail. Naturally you want to buy what sells and avoid purchasing what does not. Buying can be tricky. It is important to stay up to date with the latest trends. More specifically it is important to know what is trending in your area. For example, in Idaho, brides typically go for more classic and traditional wedding dresses whereas brides in big cities typically go for the latest more fashionable trends. It is important to spend time looking at stores that sell online and see what’s trending across the board in your area.

With wedding dresses it is important to consider that most brides are going to want to change a neckline, a backline and/or the sleeves. As a buyer you are going to want to consider partnering with a designer that is going to meet those needs. Furthermore, customizations are going to build up your price point and generate more revenue for you. It is also important to take into account that, when selling couture, specific measurements for a bride typically can add added costs. It is important to consider a designer that will not charge extra for a custom fitted dress.

Naturally there is a degree of trial and error when you are first opening a store. Know that it is going to take some learning to begin to develop a sense with what is going to work. Sometimes it is important to take a risk and see if something will sell. Sometimes it is important to trust your gut and not make a purchase that you think will flop. The important thing is continual adaptation. Eventually, as buyer, you will begin to cultivate a sense of what will work and what will not.

If, as a store, you are working to create your own line, it is important to consider current and future bridal trends. Staying ahead of the curve can be a great asset. When creating a line with new ideas it is important to consider a designer that will offer you an insurance policy: having unlimited customizations and being able to create a one of a kind dress for those particular brides. For these reasons we recommend partnering with a designer that will meet all of these needs. If a bride likes the top of one dress and hates the bottom being able to change the bottom for her is a huge asset and one that can be of great value.

At Lu Raquel we learn from our previous collections about what sells and what does not. Sometimes we get a sixth sense about what will work before it hits the floor. We always tell our partners, you know what your brides will love! As a retailer you have to trust yourself and your experience as a buyer.

At Lu Raquel we offer all of the above mentioned services. We are dedicated to your success and do what no other designer can or will do to ensure that the needs of your brides are met.

We hope this information has been helpful and we wish you all the success in the world. At Lu Raquel we are dedicated to our partners’ success and we offer support to our retailers in any way that we can.

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