Friday, February 12, 2016

A Day in The Life of a Fashion Student- Pt. 2

So it’s been what, 4 weeks since my first post? A lot has happened since then. I already have tests coming up next week, along with major projects that are due. This workload has been so large, but I can already see improvements to my designs and illustrations. In fact check it out!

I am getting ready to turn in a project that contains at least 60 drawings. It’s hard to try and design 60 different outfits or croquis for a commercial final half dozen collection. I am incorporating both upcoming trends and trending color schemes. I have been inspired by historical aspects and architecture, utilizing pastels for Spring 2017-2018, starring in a collection for my brand, Carreia, to be theoretically displayed at Kohl's.

I am taking my first Art History test next week. We actually studied cave man art (a.k.a. Paleolithic art) and have made our way up to the ancient Egyptians.

Additionally, I’ve been taking a class in draping, creating all different types of skirts just by moving the fabric on the mannequin.

I have also taken classes in fashion fabrics and fashion fundamentals. We have learned about not only what fabrics are made of but what they are made out of. In fact, here are some pictures of a burn test to help identify the fibers in these fabrics.

Honestly, I love being in these classes. I love getting to learn all of these things that I love so much. Getting to learn about all of the new techniques and ways to further what I am passionate about is exciting. I love having the chance to learn all of these new techniques. Although, you would not believe how expensive all of these books, fabrics, and different supplies are needed for this course! I can’t wait to show you my final projects next time!  

Friday, February 5, 2016

Little White Dress

Little Black White Dress 

We all have that favorite 'Little Black Dress' in our closet that is our go-to for a night out on the town. The opportunities are endless! You can dress them up for a chic, polished look, or you can go a little more casual. Regardless, you always feel that boost of confidence when you slip on that LBD. Here at Lu Raquel, we are innovators in the industry and you too can be an innovator, but in your own closet with a 'Little White Dress'! Straying from tradition may seem a little scary sometimes,  but style icons and celebrities have been showing off their LWD for longer than you think.
From Audrey Hepburn to Keira Knightly, a LWD never falls short for your wedding day. Lu Raquel has two short dresses; one from our Spring 2016 line named Blake and one from our Fall 2014 named Sydney (remember, we never discontinue our dresses).

Our Sydney is a tea-length baby doll dress that offers such a fun vibe. Talk about confidence in a dress! Sydney is versatile for a bride that wants to be flirty and endearing or can accessorize to evoke a spunky and edgier side.

Our Blake is an above-the-knee lace covered dress that evokes sophistication and timelessness, with a twist. Blake has a detachable skirt that is available in French chiffon for an airy, effortless look, or a soft tulle skirt that provides a bolder look with more volume.

What may seem avant-garde and new, is actually a trend that has been popping up throughout history. Just because there is less fabric doesn't mean it won't make all of your dreams come true on your special day. The possibilities and customizations are limitless with this trend. Make it your go-to! Plus, you deserve to show off your gorgeous legs on your special day!