Friday, March 25, 2016

Axel Learns to Draw!

My name is Axel Lindy. I’ve been an intern at Lu Raquel since October of last year. This week the team has had me working on renderings! This has been a really exciting opportunity for me! I love fashion and I’ve really relished the opportunity to develop my sketching skills. Below you’ll find some drawings that I completed this week. One of the renderings was done for our Dream. Design. Win competition where we are giving a bride the opportunity to design her own gown! Visit to learn more about this!

The first thing I’ve learned about fashion renderings is that they take considerably longer than I initially thought. I was under the impression that fashion renderings took ten to fifteen minutes to complete. So far it has taken me at least an hour to complete each rendering. Kasey, Lu Raquel’s expert on drawing renderings, told me that it typically takes her half an hour to an hour to complete each rendering, and that depending on the level of detail, and it can sometimes takes even longer. In addition to learning about the length of time that renderings take to complete, I have learned a good deal about what goes into making them.

A great deal of effort goes into each sketch. The detail in each rendering does not simply magically appear on the page. Someone has to put that detail there. It takes a lot of work to put the different features onto the page. I definitely have a new-found respect for everyone that draws fashion renderings. Sometimes I am in awe of their work. In addition to the level of effort that goes into each drawing there is a certain amount of vision that is required.
You have to be able to imagine, in some level detail, what the final product is going to look like. You have to be able to, in your mind, piece together multiple images and translate that vision onto the page. At Lu Raquel, our design team typically bases renderings off of multiple photographs, each showcasing different elements of numerous dresses. After trying a few renderings out myself, I am now in awe of the design teams work. It is very cool see their drawings unfold. They make it look easy (trust me, it’s not).

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