Friday, June 17, 2016

Fad or Find

Fad or Find 

First off, what is a fad? A fad is a quick and often extreme fashion statement that can be popular one year, or even month, and gone the next. Knowing this, how can one find their perfect dress that is both fashion forward and a true find, so we can miss the dated fad when you go to look at your wedding album in 10 years?

It's an art of balance. Here are a few tips we have found to help guide you away from the dated fad dresses, and toward the timeless find that will continue to take your breath away every time you see it.

1. Does it have that quality look?
The definition of classic, is something that has withstood the test of time. So if you're already yawning and thinking "traditional is boring," think again. Look for the feature you want, i.e. lace, length of train, or silhouette. Keep that as the "traditional" part or the classic part of the dress you are looking for,  and from there you can take the dare and look for the unique aspect of a dress that blends well with your style and taste as well as the trend.

2. Know your needs!
 There is a reason Audrey Hepburn and Jacki Onasis were considered classic beauties. They kept things simple. They knew what worked for them, for their bodies, and for their needs at the time. If you need to be a bride who can move, dance, eat, or even breathe on your wedding day,  that will help navigate you away from the dresses that prevent you from acting like yourself when your day comes.

3. Find something and make it personal
What helps make something a "find" is the uniqueness of it. Knowing that no one else will ever have or wear the dress you say "I do" in may not seem important to some, but it gives the extra special and classic quality because it was made with you, your needs, and your preferences in mind. At least one aspect of a dress should mirror your personality so that when you are seen, your friends and guests know that the dress you chose is perfect and reflects who you are.

Friday, June 10, 2016

"Sweating for the Wedding"?

Being fit and healthy is definitely a positive choice for any lifestyle but it can take a bit of time in both results and commitment. With a fast approaching wedding date, it may seem like there won’t be time to get the appearance you would like. However, there are many workout routines that can help start the process fast as well as taking as little as 30 minutes per workout. I like to focus these wedding-time workouts on the arms and calorie burning workouts. I like to focus on these two since the arms are most likely to be exposed while in a dress and calorie burning is a good catch all to staying fit. There are so many that can benefit you but these are some of my personal favorites.


Dumbbell Overhead Press

-Start with gripping the dumbbells a little above shoulder height while standing with your feet firmly planted on the ground and stable. Extend the arms up while keeping a strong core. Return to the starting position with a controlled motion.

-Do 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

-This is a great workout that can target multiple muscle groups.

Lateral Raises

-Start with a lighter weight than the last workout (this one is a little tough). Start with the weights by your side and raise them out to the side in a controlled motion. Return to starting position with the same controlled motion.

-Do 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions.

-I really like this workout because it targets a muscle group that often doesn’t get used as much. You may start feeling this workout after the first set, if it becomes too much, go down in weight and try to complete the remaining sets. Remember that this is all at your own pace!

Chin-ups / Chin-ups with negative

-Start with gripping the bar about shoulder-length apart with your palms facing towards you. Engage the biceps as you pull your body up towards the bar until your chin is above the bar. Return to starting position in a controlled motion.

-Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

-Chin-ups are a great workout to get that bicep working. If they are too hard at just body-weight try the negative weight on the Dip/Pull up station or simply use a box/elevated position to give you the needed boost at the beginning.

Calorie Burners

Box Jump

-Start in front of your box/platform bend slightly and explode into a jump. Land with both feet on to your platform and stepdown safely to the starting position. Don’t jump off, you don’t want to hurt yourself!

-Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
-This exercise will really work up a sweat after just the first set! It’s perfect for warming up with or at the end of a workout. If you’re doing it as a warm up I would recommend one more set to really make sure you’re getting the most benefit out of the workout.


-Yes, hiking! It’s summer time and these can be as difficult or easy as you need. Typically, you get a beautiful view of nature and burn those calories. This is a photo at the top of Mineral Ridge, a great hiking spot near Coeur d’Alene, ID, where Lu Raquel is headquartered.

These are just a few of the workouts I love to incorporate into my life. Remember, your workout can be as fun as you want from weight-lifting to Zumba to aerobics. All of these are great workouts to get you in tip-top shape for your big day! Enjoy!


Friday, June 3, 2016

Reception Fun: Signature Drinks

Along with the reception theme from last week, I wanted to dive into fun beverages, more specifically, your signature drink for your own wedding. One of the great things is that you can theme the drinks to go with the seasons, which I think not only looks great, but taste great! What I really like during this late spring / early summer season is really bright colors with lots of fruit. I went on a search to find some of the best drinks on Pinterest that fit this description. So let’s dive in to all the yummy drinks!

1.    Strawberry and Peach Wine Slushies

I really like this drink because it looks super pretty and can be made in advance, which is helpful for a wedding reception coming up. This recipe is customizable as the article talks about switching the peach or strawberries to something a little more to your taste. Mmm, I think a mango and peach wine slushy is in my future!

2.    Blue Raspberry Lemonade

This one is a super easy recipe that also looks pretty. I love how it’s only four ingredients, and one of them is garnish! I think this would be perfect for a little outdoor reception where the sun is out and your favorite summer track is playing on the dance floor.

3.    Peach Mint Bourbon Sweet Tea

What Southern wedding would be complete without sweet tea? This recipe puts a little twist on it making it a little more fun. It’s a bit of work with the pureed peaches, but if you have a big guest list I think could just be taken out and just do the Mint Bourbon Sweat Tea and have it taste great!

4.    Peach Sangria

Who doesn’t love a good Sangria? This peach offers amazing color to any wedding. The recipe is pretty easy and doesn’t need too much prep time, could easily, and probably should be done the same day as consumption. I would recommend this one in the heart of summer because of the color it brings.

5.    Malibu Sunset

A tropical-themed drink. This could maybe elude to where the honeymoon is at? I really like how red-orange this drink is. I think the garnishes are customizable between either an orange or cherries depending on your preference. Either way, it’s a great way to start the tropic theme!

That’s all the drinks I found for today. There’s plenty of other drinks that would be good for your wedding reception. I would recommend browsing Pinterest for some other great ideas. Cheers! Remember to drink responsibly!