Friday, July 1, 2016

Photos for Your Day

Mom and Me

This first photo is really cute where your mother is sending you off. Personally, I don’t think mother’s get enough photo credit, and this is a perfect cute and awesome way to bring her into the picture!
(This could also be reused as a mother’s day card later down the line, sure to make her happy)

Then and Now

I really like this photo because it shows how far both of you have come, from little toddlers to full adults, about to make another big step in your lives. It seems like a really cute idea if you have some great toddler photos. Who doesn’t look cute as a toddler?

First Dance Frame

This one is probably my favorite from out of these photos, because instead of being a special moment in a book somewhere, it is a decoration. I think it’s so awesome to incorporate such a special moment into art. (I think this could be done with a lot of other moments throughout the wedding as well. I like the simplicity of this photo though.)

There it is! Here are some easy photo shots that you don’t want to miss that can be creatively done. Also, don’t forget to get the wedding party shots and to smile! Have a great 4th of July this weekend!