Monday, May 15, 2017

The Face of Lu Raquel???

Behind the scenes is my comfort zone. I love running my company. I love designing luxurious bridal gowns. I love managing my team. I hate, and I mean hate being the "face" of anything. I don't like being in front of the camera and will go to great lengths to avoid it. There's one problem: my companies mission is to build long-lasting relationships with those we do business with. How do I achieve that mission if I won't even let people see who they are speaking with? What is my real fear? When I finally made myself think about that question, it didn't take long to realize how ridiculous I was. Being the face of my company is a privilege. Letting my customers get to know me and my mission builds trust and fosters my goal of long-term, profitable, mutually beneficial partnerships.

What is the story behind my companies name? Why did I start Lu Raquel? Learn the answers to these questions, and meet my stellar team each
Monday by joining us for Mimosa Monday! We will sip mimosas take your questions and spotlight a business partner each week that has succeeded as a woman in business. Tips, tricks, encouragement! You are going to love it!

Sarah Hedlund -

Sarah Hedlund is the President and CEO of Lu Raquel Inc. as well as the lead designer for the company. Her mission to change the bridal status quo is the passion that drives the company and the "why" behind everything Lu Raquel does. For more info on Sarah Hedlund, follow her on social media!